Israeli terrorists kill Palestinian baby, critically wound rest of family

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Israeli terrorists kill Palestinian baby, critically wound rest of family

Even N had to call this wanton attack on a sleeping Palestinian family a terrorist act. Little Ali Dawabsheh, 18 months, was burnt to death; his parents and elder brother (Ahmed, four years old) are critically wounded, with third degree burns covering most of their bodies.

This is a particularly horrible event, but settler harassment and violence is far from rare on the West Bank.

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More on this atrocity from Al Jazeera, with a video report.


when will this madness end?


I don't know. For the moment, I'm just terribly sad about this young family, and the couple who decided to set up a household in such adverse circumstances. And the indifference of much of the world.


I don't know, maybe there's hope. for the first time I've ever heard Global National reported negatively on Israel because of this action.


Yes, I do think this horrible story has resonance. Because of how small the murdered child was, and also the deliberately horrible way the perpetrators set out to immolate a sleeping family.  Palestine has lodged a complaint with the ICC about this war crime:

Two teenagers were shot by the IDF since then, in protests against this act of terror.


Another murder by Israeli terrorist:

[url=]16 Year Old Stabbed in Jerusalem Pride Parade Succumbs to Wounds [/url]


Netanyahu: Our condemnation is morally superior to yours. Our grief is morally superior to yours. We're just morally superior.

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This shouldn't stop Harper with his Libman love-in tonight from praising Israel and reaffirming Canada standing in fire and water and and in any festering cesspool with Israel to the end of time. There'll be talk of terrorism,no doubt.But he'll pan Islam and defend the wars we're in. I also suspect him to try to one up the US and drool contempt for the agreement with's so fucking predictable.

He has a very narrow view of the Jewish population.



quizzical wrote:
I don't know, maybe there's hope. for the first time I've ever heard Global National reported negatively on Israel because of this action.

No. Acts of horror change nothing - like, the Newton shooting of children had zero effect on U.S. gun laws, notwithstanding the weeping of liberals.

Change comes only from resistance.



But I'll be remembering Shira and her friends, and wee Ali and his family.


Amazing, thank you lagatta.


The Murder of Ali Saad Dawabsha, a Palestinian Infant Burned Alive by Israeli Terrorists

"...As for the so-called international community - in truth the US and its allies - it is an accessory to this child's murder with the political, economic, military and diplomatic support it provides the apartheid state of Israel, a state whose crimes, to paraphrase the Irish revolutionary James Connolly, would shame all the devils in hell."


Why the hell did that guy have to drag Cecil the lion into this? I was utterly horrified (but not terribly surprised) by the barbaric immolation of this sleeping family, but I was also horrified about a rich, sadistic arsehole who is a medical professional of all things deliberately stalking, torturing, killing and dismembering a magnificent beast, luring him out of a protected area. Of course environmental protection involves the tiniest beings as well as the most emblematic, but it is important to save emblematic species and their environments. Imperialism and capitalism are as guilty of thier wanton destruction of habitats and a wide swath of plant and animal life as they are of exploiting and destroying human groups. It is possible to care about both of these things and not be a "liberal". Or necessarily "Western". I have ecosocialist comrades in several non-Western countries who are very much involved in both these combats.

As for Palestinians, they very much mourn the loss of their environment, its beauty, its indigenous species as much as they mourn everything else. The Wall makes what remains of their homeland a prison, but it also makes it very ugly, and spoils the Eastern Mediterranean vistas.

This fellow should be reading more Palestinian poets and essayists. And here, First Peoples' poets and other writers of the Americas. It is entirely possible to mourn and be angered by wanton killing of human beings and also the destruction of other forms of life. Nowadays, it is necessary.


Alternative News comment on the Judeo-Nazi terror attack and the firewall the Israeli state is contriving to create between the perps and itself:


Shin Bet Arrests Kahane's Grandson Claiming He's 'Terror Mastermind'

"...The problem with the current narrative painting Ettinger as Israel's Huey Newton, is that once the Shin Bet brings down this so-called 'terror-cell' and puts its members behind bars, the public will expect the danger to be over, so that it may return to its usual soporific torpor regarding the Palestinian issue.

But putting away a Jewish terrorist or two will not solve a thing. There will be scores more to take their place. Because they know that the government doesn't want to stop them. If it did it surely and easily could.

But the government wants to manage such terrorism, not eliminate it. That's because senior ministers are deeply complicit in the activities of these terrorists."

Meir Kahane founded the Kach party and Jewish Defense League which operates freely in Canada. It believes in the expulsion of Arabs from Israel.


Saad Dawabcheh, the father of Ali, has died of his wounds (burns) in hospital. Riham, the mother of Ali and Ahmed and wife (now widow) of Saad is in hospital in critical condition, almost totally burnt to the third degree. Only little Ahmed (four years old) is recovering somewhat.

Terrible looking at the tender photos of the young family.


Israeli Killing of Baby Dawabsha (and vid)

George Galloway and his viewers discuss the question "How will the killing of baby Ali Dawabsha change attitudes towards Israel?"


Anonymous Attacks Israeli Government For Baby Dawabsha

"Hackers today attacked the website of the Office of the Prime Minister, that of the Israeli Army and that of a number of ministries and government departments.

In a statement the international group of hackers known as Anonymous said this was:

'because the Palestinian toddler's voice was not heard

 and because the world's wicked silence was all over heard

 and because we decided to be the toddler's voice and pain

 and because Israel, the criminal state, decided to set the Jewish Extremist settler who burnt the toddler alive, free, we decided this OP.'

Yesterday, Israeli officials announced that a number of settlers who were arrested following the murder of a toddler and his father in an arson attack on a Palestinian home near the city of Nablus were released without charge. The operation #WasBurnedAlive, part of the greater #OpIsrael, started approximately 9 hours ago. At the time of writing most of the websites were still down."


Meanwhile, the response to the Dawabsha family murders, by the same strain of Kahanists charged with the killings, was bold and offensive -  the kind of arrogance we have come to expect from the Jewish supremacists of the JDL. It was observed how well they get on with the police. The Zionists grow stronger. Our politicians and corporate media are already theirs, And won't speak out against their crimes or, increasingly, allow others to speak out against their crimes either. We must find a way to reverse this before it becomes impossible. If they win, we lose.

JDL Canada Provides Strong Authentic Jewish Leadership

"Palestine House, a Mississauga-based organization representing the Canadian-Palestine community, held (August 5) a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, to protest the murder of Ali Dawabsha, a Palestinian toddler who was burnt to death...

On the other side of the street dozens of pro-Israel activists - Jews and non Jews - came to protest against Palestinian terrorism..."



Palestinian Family Victimized by Immolation Ineligible For Compensation

"Palestinians don't qualify, only Jews.."


Gaza Children Urge Protection From Israeli Violence (and vid)

"Children of Gaza have marched on the premises of the UNICEF, calling for measures to protect their peers in the besieged enclave. The move has been inspired by the recent killing of a Palestinian baby boy by Israeli settlers..."


Terror Rabbis and the Triumph of the Judean Will

"...Kahane is a much-more-long-lasting, critical figure in the rise of Israeli authoritarianism. Begin is from the past. Netanyahu too within a day or a month of leaving office will be consigned to historical oblivion. But Kahane will live on. If Israel goes the way of theocracy or dictatorship it will be Kahane who inspired it and envisioned it.

The current Israeli government, the most brutal, racist and extremist in the nation's history, is a product of this settler victory.

Outliers in Israel have a habit of becoming rulers. While Israel is currently in dire straits, it is critical that Israel arrest not just Ettinger [Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson] and the few pogromists who burned a baby alive and a historic church; but that there be a campaign to rid Israel root and branch of this fetid stew of homicidal rage that is settlerism..."


"Rabbi Kahane's blood is crying out to us. Today the Arabs stand poised to annihilate us and we are obliged to keep Rabbi Kahane's message alive by preserving Israel as a Jewish state. If the Arabs won't acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, then they will have to go. What we need now, more than ever, are those who have a Jewish head attached to a Jewish fist, as Rabbi Kahane always said..."

Meir Weinstein, Jewish Defense League, (JDL) Canada


Is Religious Extremism A Threat in Canada?

"...There's long been an underbelly of extremism - both on the left and right - in the Canadian Jewish community, said Bernie Farber, a social activist and former CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress. 'Both at times bubble to the surface, depending on what's 'going on', he said, noting that the JDL, a group that 'sometimes borders on racism,' has 'risen from the ashes in recent years.

While he's seen no one in the Canadian Jewish community openly express sympathy for extremists such as the hilltop youth, Farber said much of the community's silence on the issue is troubling. There may also be elements of the Canadian Jewish community, he said, that wouldn't engage in extremism of the sort really seen in Israel but 'might take pleasure in it.'

'When the prime minister of Israel - who's no left-winger - stands up publicly and condemns Jewish extremism and the JDL doesn't, I think that tells CJN readers all they need to know,' Farber said. [Did the NDP?]

Meir Weinsten, chairman of JDL Canada, told the CJN his group focuses on anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, but supports Jews' right to live anywhere 'in Israel' including Judea and Samaria.

'There's no Palestinian land, no Palestinian state...[The hilltop youth] aren't breaking any laws,' he said."

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Ifd I were to be elected PM I'd put JDL on the 'terrorist' list.

But that's me. No leader of any party would ever dare.


In fact, the FBI considers JDL a terror group. And the JDL's sister movements Kach and Kahane were even outlawed in Israel.

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Video: Israelis celebrate child slaughter outside hunger striker’s hospital

This video shows Israeli police and right-wing extremists violently attacking and assaulting Palestinians who had gathered outside the hospital where a Palestinian hunger striker is gravely ill.

Flag-waving Israeli extremists sing songs celebrating and calling for the slaughter of Palestinians, especially children.

The events occurred on Sunday, when hundreds of Palestinians and supporters protested in Askalan (Ashkelon) in the south of present-day Israel in solidarity with Muhammad Allan, the Palestinian who has been on hunger strike for two months against his “administrative detention” – without charge or trial – by Israel.

As Allan struggled for his life, his supporters arrived aboard buses from Jerusalem, Jaffa and the north to hold a vigil outside Barzilai Medical Center where he is being treated and detained.

“Allan come and see, your people are supporting you openly,” the supporters call out in the video before they are attacked.

An Israeli police officer shouts through a megaphone: “This is an illegal gathering.”....


Sadly, and predictably, Riham Dawabcheh, little Ali's mum, has died of her wounds, after his dad. 3rd degree burns on 80 % - some stories say 90% of her body. I thought she was just being kept "alive" to calm things down a bit.

Only Ali's older brother remains alive.

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No child should ever have to live with the knowledge that his little brother and both parents were intentionally burned to death.  


Yes, and remember that older brother Ahmed (who is only four) has also been severely burnt, especially on his legs. He may well remain disabled as well as orphaned. He isn't alone in the world, as his extended family lives in that sector and one of his uncles or older cousins (forget) discovered the fire. But how utterly horrible.

The Al Jazeera article has confused the names of the two little boys:


Burned Alive By Israelis

"I always wondered about Jewish terorists' fascination with burning. This is not just an Israeli fringe. The world can't continue to turn a blind eye to Israel's ethnic cleansing and its direct responsibility for crimes committed by its subsidised terrorist settler population..."

or knowingly continue voting in pro-Israel leaders/parties