Jewish National Fund Rips Off Canadian Taxpayers to Pay IDF

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Jewish National Fund Rips Off Canadian Taxpayers to Pay IDF

Canadian Charity Used Donations to Fund Projects Linked to Israel Military

"The Jewish National Fund of Canada, one of the country's long-established charities, has been the subject of a Canada Revenue Agency audit over a complaint that it used charitable donations to build infrastructure for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in violation of Canada's tax rules..."


"Alleged charity was using money to build infrastructure of terror to murder Palestinians and steal their land..."

Active Canadian complicity is also part of Israel's 'infrastructure of terror'. For a full boycott of Israel and a shutdown of its fifth column support base here in Canada.


Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Canadian government hold Israel to the same standard it has towards other countries? Like say Iran?


Canada's Political Parties Support For Racist Jewish National Fund

"An explosive CBC expose Friday on the Jewish National Fund should be the beginning of the end for this powerful organization's charitable status. But unless the NDP differentiates itself from the Liberals and Conservatives by standing up for Canadian and international law while simultaneously opposing explicit racism, the JNF may simply ride out this short bout of bad publicity...."

It already has. NDP=No Difference Party


CJPME Applauds Scrutiny of Jewish National Fund

"CJPME calls on Canadian politicians to cease support for JNF activities..."

For a full boycott of the Apartheid State of Israel!



Campaign To Revoke Jewish National Fund Charitable Status IMPORTANT

"As I have written before, the campaign to revoke the JNF's charitable status is important beyond winning the specific demand. It draws attention to the racism intrinsic to  Zionism and highlights Canada's contribution to Palestinian dispossession. So it's important that people send their MP the CBC expose and add their name to IJV's campaign to revoke the JNF's charitable status."

As well insist your MP, MLA sign on too. If only for the pleasure of watching them squirm and dodge and tremble.


I agree that the campaign to revoke the JNF’s charitable status draws attention to racism. Specifically it draws attention to antisemitism.


Revoke/Audit JNF Charitable Status: A Petition to Parliament

"Encourage folks to sign this petition calling for the revoking of the JNF's charitable status. Canadian organizations shouldn't enjoy charitable status if they support occupation."



Sign the petition!


Which Canadian political party could support this petition?

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..i signed



Canada Investigates Jewish National Fund For Funding Israel's Crimes

"Use of charitable donations to fund foreign militaries contravenes Canadian law. Documents show that the Jewish National Fund has repeatedly used Jewish National Fund Canada as a conduit to collect funds for its illegal projects, activists say.

JNF Canada recently told public broadcaster CBC that it stopped funneling money to the Israeli military in 2016. However, acting as a conduit for its parent organization, funds continue to flow into projects connected to the Israeli military. But the Canadian government, in violation of its own laws, has protected the organization and has consistently ignored or embraced - JNF Canada's role in Israel's violent and discriminatory practices.

Because Canadian politicians across the political spectrum have historically held close ties to JNF Canada, activists will have to work hard to make sure their complaints are taken seriously. ' The formal political mechanisms are so dominated by the advocacy of the JNF,' Rabbi David Mivasair of IJV Canada told the Electronic Intifada..."

 As with the successful global campaign against the  racist Apartheid South African state, serious concerted action is urgently required against the increasingly outrageous abuses of the  racist Apartheid state of Israel. The existing status quo in Canada is a longstanding and unacceptable international disgrace. Prosecution of JNF Canada is a good place to start.


NDPP wrote:

Prosecution of JNF Canada is a good place to start.





Prosecution. To Stop Canada's collaboration in Israel's Palestinian persecution...


Why I No Longer Donate to the Jewish National Fund

"JNF's history and current activities point to trouble that goes beyond funding infrastructure on army bases, and even beyond funding illegal Jewish settlements. Since the beginning of Israel, the JNF has been involved both in the destruction of Palestinian villages and the building of new Jewish settlements..."