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"Media Matters" for ...Canada?

BlueBerry Pick'n
Joined: Dec 15 2005

is it just me, or has anybody else noticed there is no 'Media Matters' for Canadian media?

seriously:  with the launch of "Fox News North" rolling over the horizon like highlight reel from 2012 or "folks, that ain't 3DThe Last Airbender, Canadians are about to be introduced to a whole new level of BS 'truthiness' for Public opinion making.

(an inquiring mind asks the in-house film wonks:  

 ...was 2012 the first major film to plant a product placement as its final dialogue line?)


it would seem that we're really ramping up to get screwed, & there doesn't seem to be anybody on the horizon who is seeking funding to create much-needed a fact-checking & hate-speech exposing agency for Canadian content.

we really aren't going to rely on a US agency that focuses on 'The American Experience' to scour the BS from our Canadian media, are we?

Fending off the well-trained onslaught of Fox-honed propaganda isn't something that can be done ad hoc or a half-assed manner... these folks have serious skills.

hell, even TVO is giving Mike Harris a full week's PR session on Paikin's The Agenda this week... 



Joined: Feb 3 2010

i agree!  We don't have anywhere near the indy media infrastructure that exists in other western countries.  

i'd also like to see a democracynow! type news show here that deals with our issues.

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