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North Korea


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North Korea fears famine as drought slashes food production:



Foreign Policy Diary - North Korea: Hydrogen Bomb Test (vid)

"A new crisis is arising in the Korean Peninsula."

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Apparently, based on the same seismographic blip that revealed the test in the first place, there are some serious questions about whether the bomb is a hydrogen bomb at all.

Good to see that they're still k00Ks though.  When the U.S. finalizes their 60 year plan to invade DPRK for their daikons, they'll be ready.


Or if it was one, it didn't work, and only the fission primary went off.

It would be kind of disrespectful to say they just faked it; we don't want them to unleash their powerful arsenal on us, after all.



North Korea Conducts Fourth Nuclear Test

"The greatest threat to international peace is not the small, economically backward state of North Korea, but US imperialism. The US has long exploited North Korea as a means of putting pressure on China and as a justification for its military buildup in North East Asia

The Obama administration has refused to take part in six-party talks sponsored by China to resolve the NK nuclear issue, until Pyongyang accedes to US demands in advance.

The Korean Peninsula is just one of the dangerous flashpoints that the Obama administration has deliberately stoked up as part of its 'pivot to Asia.' The US is tranforming the whole region into a tinderbox..."

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we don't want them to unleash their powerful arsenal on us, after all.

They're number 50, in terms of population, but have the world's fourth largest military.

So the question, for all Canadians, should be "how well can they swim?"

And honestly, if DPRK had sufficient troop ships to get their whole army to our shores, I think our biggest challenge would be dealing with the massive number of defectors.  It would make all of the Syrian refugees look like one family overstaying their vacation Visa.



Does N Korea Need Nukes to Deter US Aggression?

"Question 1 - How many governments has the United States overthrown or tried to overthrow since WWII?  Answer: 57

Question 2 - How many of these governments had nuclear weapons? Answer: 0

Just as ISIS emerged from the embers of the Iraq War, so too, nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula is a direct result of failed US foreign policy in the '50s.

How can the North normalize relations with the US if Washington won't talk to them and at the same time, insists that the North abandon the weapons programs that is their only source of leverage?"

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DPRK announced the development of its first primitive nuke 7 years ago.

If the U.S. were hellbent on invading DPRK for their daikon, surely they'd have done so, say, 8 years ago?  When DPRK had no nukes, and GW was still the Head Cowboy?


US Threat Against North Korea And the Danger of War in Asia

"With extreme recklessness, the Trump administration is charting a course toward  war in the Asia-Pacific. From the response in the US media and political establishment, however, one would have no idea how dangerous the situation is, nor how incalculable the consequences.

If words have any meaning, the statements from Tillerson and Trump make clear that the US is preparing 'pre-emptive' war, justified by North Korea's reported plans to test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the continental United States.

There is a staggering disconnect between the terrible consequences of such a war and the way it is being treated in the US [and Canadian!] media. Tillerson's comments were greeted with a shrug on the network news programs Saturday evening.  The Democrats have remained silent.

A war is being contemplated that could lead to the first combat use of nuclear weapons since the end of World War II..."