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Putin Addresses Russian Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives

We see that there are forces in the US that are willing to sacrifice Russia-US relations to promote their ambitions amid the political strife in America. One of our famous satirical writers once wrote about such 'miserable, wretched people.' But this is not quite so, at least when it comes to this case. These are not miserable or wretched people. No, they are powerful, strong people who can force unbelievable and illogical stories into the faces of their citizens. Yes, they can really do this. I say this not to scold or commend anyone. Absolutely not. I am saying this so that we take this into account in our practical work in the American direction. These are simply the facts of life..."


Here's The Real Reason The US Must Talk To Russia

"A new book details why future historians may well identify Putin's landmark March 1, speech as the ultimate game-changer in the 21st century new great game in Eurasia..."


Russia Threatens 'Response' if Sweden, Finland Join NATO

"Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says Moscow would 'take response measures' if Sweden and Finland joined  the NATO military alliance..."




The Plot Thins:   -  by George Galloway

"How gel became a liquid and the whole Novichok affair began to smell to high heaven...'It was Ukraine."

The Novichok fiasco is just one small example of how pernicious a problem Russophobia has become. The government narrative may have completely unravelled but the Russophobe still studiously clings to the strange tale and  bogus charges carefully averting his eyes from any  evidence which threatens foregone conclusions. Notice thus how effectively  Russophobia negates analysis or logic, rendering victims effectively brain dead, receptive only to unfounded smears, stupidities and the paranoid fantasies they increasingly crave and media increasingly provides. It's an old disease, a serious disease and lots have caught it in the current epidemic. The pathogens are carried by the corporate msm mostly. The NYT, Washington Post and The Guardian are three purveyors of particular note but there are many others.  Of course pointing it out or trying to counter it with reality, debate or contradictory evidence only results in more hysteria and delusionary allegations that you, yourself are part of this dark Kremlin conspiracy. It's quite harmless even hilarious when you're dealing with an obvious  loon  like Louise Mensch, or others I won't name...But if it's a political party, a foreign minister or military alliance , well then you're into some very dangerous territory. An ancillary component of  Russophobia disease, especially amongst liberals of a certain class, is a kind of cowardice, a tendency to play along,  by those who recognize the malady, don't have it, but won't speak up to those that do. It's an all too common Canadian trait this unfortunately.  A need for acceptance perhaps or a lack of character sufficient to think and act independently of the herd. A certain spinelessness and tendency to 'go along to get along' perhaps. A wish 'not to get involved'. And so the thing grows, expands and deepens. And all based on figments and concoctions just like the 'highly likely military-grade Russian nerve-agent Novichok.'

I was glad to read that few in Salisbury believe the state's story. Saddened to find some here still do...


'Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there he wasn't there again today I wish I wish he'd go away...'  - whm-


Big Bad Vlad! The Demonization of Russia (and vid)

Author, journalist and broadcaster John Wight interviewed.


CrossTalk Bullhorns: Criminalizing Diplomacy

"On this edition of CrossTalk we discuss whether detente is possible, even desirable. Why isn't it a good time to get along with Russia."


Russia To Treat Further US Sanctions As An Open Declaration of Economic War - PM

Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev has warned the US that any sanctions targeting Russian banking operations and currency trade will be treated as a declaration of economic war and retaliated against by any means necessary. 'Our American friends should make no mistake about it..."


'Unacceptable & Unlawful': Russia Slams New US Sanctions Imposed Over Poisoning Of Skripals

"Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, says the use of a Russian link to recent UK poisoning incidents to justify fresh US sanctions against the Kremlin is a violation of international law..."


Russia May Ditch Dollar in Oil Trade As It Is Too Risky - Finance Minister

"We have significantly reduced our investments in US assets. In fact, the dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes a risky tool for payments. Siluanov said the sanctions are 'unpleasant' but nothing fatal. 

In response Moscow will continue to minimize investment in the US economy and securities and will push for payments in rubles and other currencies, including the euro..."

The desertion from the dollar has begun...


Sophie & Co: Oliver Stone Interview (and vid)

"We caught up with the director himself in Moscow..."


Sanction Mania vs Russia (and vid)

"Broadly understood, sanctions have been part of US policy toward Russia for much of the past 100 years. The new bout of sanctions mania is in response to Russia's alleged 'attack on American democracy' during the 2016 presidential election. In reality, there was no 'attack'..."


US Congress Publishes Entire Text of Russia Sanctions 'Bill From Hell'

"The full text of Congress' latest sanctions bill has been released, revealing a punitive piece of legislation that aims to undermine Russia economically - and even suggests designating Moscow a state sponsor of terrorism. Moscow has vowed to respond to any new sanctions..."