Sky is Falling

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Sky is Falling

The world is ending. Etc.

Gigantic Meteor Falls in Russia



How come the video at the end is datestamped Dec. 31, 2012?

I'm calling hoax.

There go the dinosaurs.

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Unionist wrote:
How come the video at the end is datestamped Dec. 31, 2012? I'm calling hoax. There go the dinosaurs.

It is not a hoax. The date/time was probably set wrong on the camera.

There is video of this event popping up all over the place.


Luckily it passed nowhere near the White House or Pentagon.  We'd be past DEFCON 1 by now.

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A large asteroid is passing within earths satellite belt today… apparently it had a little buddy flying along with it. Perhaps this is not over yet and there is more to come.

A better video on the asteroid.




I don't think the USA should have tested a new nuclear weapon over Russia last nite.

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I wonder why Russia/Siberia is the place to be for these events


Exploding meteor over Russia injures more than 1,100 3,000 buildings damaged by meteor likely travelling at least 54,000 km/h


That asteroid near miss this morning in the scheme of things is a serious wakeup call for future endeavours which may not miss unless we do something about it before impact. And apparently we need quite a bit of lead time to even contemplate doing such a thing.


A history of massive celestial strikes Massive explosions scorched Canada, Siberia

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I expect a lot more meteor movies. Maybe a new Sar Trek based on a meteor killing off all of earth's habitants and forcing the Star Trek crew to colonize the moon. Or Mars. I wonder if Captain Picard is dead? Or maybe raise Captain Kirk from the dead? Oh, my.

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The thread title reminded me of Skyfall - the James Bond movie which I just watched. Sad to see 007's old Aston Martin finally destroyed. Cry



I think they are going to place a giant air-bag around Planet Earth to protect us from the next one

Seriously though, this is indeed a wake-up call.

Apparently it was the Spaniards who 1st detected Friday's asteroid.

Scientists unveil new detectors in race to save Earth from next asteroid

Science editor Robin McKie reports from Boston as experts create warning systems to minimise risk from impact

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Whatever will be, will be.