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Bernie Says Sarah Sanders Should Dine in Peace but Resistance Digs In

"Bernie Sanders came to the defence of Sarah Sanders after the White House press secretary was booted out of a Virginia restaurant for her politics. Daily Show host Trevor Noah said that such calls are meaningless as they 'come from those in a position of privilege.'

Simran Singh, an NYU professor and anti-racist activist chimed in on Twitter, arguing that 'civility' itself is a 'racially coded' concept and 'a power play by those who feel that white supremacy is under threat.' Among much of the #Resistance, Senator Sanders' comments appear to have fallen on deaf ears. 'We're about to lose all kinds of very important rights, but by god Bernie will go to the wall for the rights of conservatives to stuff their faces in peace..."

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I am glad people are beginning to realize bourgeois civility is a power structure. Some of the bourgeois controllers on this web site who hypocritically present themselves as political progressives try to enforce their superiority and dominance over others using these 'civility' precepts. They, by positioning themselves as spokespeople of the oppressed, do the best job of making sure nothing gets done for the oppressed. Talk Talk Talk!


NDPP wrote:

What the New York Primary Victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Means

"...The defeat of Crowley demonstrates the peoples hostility towards the Democratic Party establishment. Despite the repudiation of Crowley, however, the politics of Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA offer no way forward for the working class. There is not a hint of socialism in her program (the word itself does not appear on her website), and both the candidate and the DSA have sought to downplay their connection. Anyone who suggests that her victory marks a shift to the left by the Democratic Party should be told, in no uncertain terms: Curb your enthusiasm!

The DSA is not fighting for socialism but to strengthen the Democratic Party, one of the two main capitalist parties in the United States, which shares responsibility with the Republican Party for all the crimes committed by American imperialism around the world and against the working class at home..."

If anything, she will be used, as Bernie was, as a political sheepdog to lead and steer Democratic 'lefties' back into the straight and narrow. 

There are socialist parties people can vote for.  But it's always nice to see there are folks who view the better as the enemy of the perfect.


progressive17 wrote:

Yup. It's all a big con job. No indication how all of her promises will be paid for. However, as there was a big Bernie Bros aspect to the Trump campaign, I can see her driving all the Bros to Trump even more. I wonder if she is a GOP plant.

I'd like to know what plant you've been eating lately.  So I can stay away.

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Now now josh, you have to keep up your bourgeois civility so you can be a warrior at the vanguard of the oppressed classes! You have just done an ad hominem, which means you have conceded defeat. Thank you! You are all so considerate, conceding defeat after so little effort on my part.

1. She is either going to sell the voters down the river, Bernie Sanders-style, like NDPP is saying, or:
2. She is going to get defeated as her own party people support Trump.


Not conceding defeat.  Just pointing out stupidity.

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Concession #2, josh. Why don't you make it 3? 


Hey now, progressive17. There's an easy objective way to see who's correct here. You've predicted she'll be "squashed like a bug". In 120 days, the votes will be in. If you're mistaken, I trust you'll return and offer the same concession on your own behalf you're offering on josh's.