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Sri Lanka IX

The bold men and the sea

Tensions rise over fishermen row

More Indian fishermen arrested in Sri Lanka

India failed to provide alternatives to trawler fishing in the Palk Bay

Seizure of Indian trawlers, a token action: fishermen representatives

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women urges prompt investigations into acts of sexual violence in Sri Lanka


With Ban Criticized on Press Freedom, UN Again Denies Getting Petition on Disappeared Journalist in Sri Lanka

Freedom of Expression Key to Democracy and Human Rights

LTTE ban to be challenged in European Court

Sri Lanka: untold agricultural damage

Sri Lankan floods cause $50 million in damages to irrigation networks

Rajapaksa faces economic war

USA: Galleon Probers Trailed Rajaratnam Through Tips, Tamils and Taps

Canada: Human Trafficking and the Bill to Break Parliament


Prabhakaran's mother cremated in Jaffna

Remains of Parvathi Amma cremated amidst military harassment

Occupying SL military intimidates mourning for Parvathi Amma

Ashes of Sri Lanka rebel chief's mother desecrated

University students protest against desecration of Parvathi Amma

Escalating healthcare costs warned

Kohona could face court over Tamil Tiger deaths - Sydney paper

Push to investigate Australian for war crimes

Sri Lanka War Crimes Filing with ICC Names UN Nambiar Along With Kohona

Diaspora legal activists speak to Palaka'ni on ICC case

Army chief warns of 'cyber attack'

British MPs urge UK to seek ‘robust and independent' probe into Sri Lanka war crimes

Asia Views - Double deluge leaves Sri Lankans without basic needs

UN: Sri Lankan Flood Victims In Desperate Straits

The Changing Balance Of Power In South Asia

TNA files HR petition against forced registration in Killinochchi, Jaffna

Colombo 'not the worst city'

Sri Lanka: Alongside the A9 highway to war-torn Jaffna

TN fishermen vs SL navy: Encounters of worst kind

India fishing for trouble in Sri Lanka

Hundreds of Eezham fishermen silently agitate before Indian mission in Jaffna

Maathakal fishermen foil SL military attempt to sabotage silent protest

Report: Compendium of Projects towards the Sri Lanka: Joint Plan for Assistance Northern Province 2011

Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) - South Asia: Culture of impunity, a threat to human rights work in South Asia

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - Sri Lanka: Local Civil Society Organization Empowers Internally Displaced Persons

Norway arrests Sri Lankan asylum seeker for triple-murder 'under duress'

Australia: Ten Oceanic Viking Tamils remain stranded


Judge slams 'abuse of process' in Tamil detentions

Minister stands by 'abuse of process' in Tamil cases

Tamil detention called 'abusive'

Lawsuit demands ‘abusive' government must release Tamil migrants

B.C. Civil Liberties blasts feds over Tamil detentions


SRI LANKA: Fewer "I do's" for former female rebels

At UN, Ban & Nambiar Meet Sri Lanka AG & General Silva, Despite Denials

After Ban Ki-moon Meets Sri Lanka AG & General Silva, UN Won't Say If First Time, No Trip or Panel in UN Read Out

Nambiar facing calls for ICC investigation

Tamils say Sri Lanka's new envoy to Australia, a war-criminal

ICRC closes Jaffna office

EU team meets military governor, finds no time for civil groups in Jaffna

Sri Lanka: The need to address persistent impunity for violations and abuses of international human rights and humanitarian law


Radio: 'Death of the Tiger' chronicles the end of Sri Lanka's bloody civil war

US: Sri Lanka risks war crimes probe

Amnesty International: War Crimes in Sri Lanka: Time for UN to Act

AI slams international community

Registering Jaffna residents 'illegal'

Prof Sitrampalam visits China on invitation

Accountability for Violations of IHL in Counterinsurgency: The Case of Sri Lanka

Two SLAF Kfir fighter jets crash in mid-air in South

Sri Lanka's opposition activists hold protest demanding action on high cost of living, wages

HRW: Sri Lanka attacks on fishermen are a wake-up call to India

Sri Lankan Muslims: between ethno-nationalism and the global ummah


Gaddafi calls President Rajapaksa

Occupying military orders VVT people to register before 10:00 a.m. Wednesday

Sri Lanka using fines to beat dengue amid rising climate risk

SRI LANKA: Government shifts focus to displaced Muslims

Lanka @ 63

How ties soured between Indian, Lankan fishermen

Tamils gain refugee status in Indonesia

Tamil to stand trial in Norway for Sri Lankan murders

Kohona, Samarasinghe issues raised in Australia Parliament

Sri Lanka's rights violations compel investigations, says Australian MP

Sri Lanka risks forced war crimes probe: US

US Senate Resolution calls for accountability for Sri Lanka war crimes

Meaningful accountability comes by addressing the national question

Are foreign entities interfering, influencing Canadian politics?


UN told of 'deteriorating' HR situation

Sri Lanka builds army HQ on Tamil Tiger cemetery

The desecration of graves in Jaffna: Path to reconciliation?

Sri Lankan state shows ‘reconciliation' in the country of Eezham Tamils

Permanent settlement eludes Batticaloa displaced

TNA MP Sritharan narrowly escapes assassination in Anuradhapura

State run daily plays down assassination attempt on TNA MP

Sri Lanka: where are the women in local government?

Sri Lanka in talks with UN over war crimes: report

On Sri Lanka, UN Denies "Secret" Meeting, Won't Say If Report Public

Sri Lanka: US Senate Calls for Justice

US Senate war probe call 'unfortunate': Sri Lanka

The Problem with Karma: Notes from the Conflict in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (Report): Forgotten prisoners: Sri Lanka uses anti-terrorism laws to detain thousands

Media rights groups to U.N.: Intervene in Sri Lanka case

With UN Dodging on Ban's Sri Lanka Accountability Panel, Won't Confirm Receipt of Request about Disappeared Journalist

Sri Lanka: War heroes were needed, but war widows are discarded

Pakistan's Relations with Sri Lanka Serving China?

The Replacements

Sri Lanka's ties with Libya

Tide of protest

A view from Jaffna


Tories' bid to win over South Asians opens party to Tamil Tigers' remnant


Tories deny Tamil Tigers' remnant group in federal and Ontario parties

Ruling means more Tamil migrants could stay

Tamil migrant ordered deported over ties to terror group

Ottawa claims 'unmitigated victory' after former Tamil Tiger ordered deported

How Canada laid a hard welcome mat for the Sun Sea

Canadian Tamil husband suspected in hiring southerners to kill wife in Jaffna

... And then the rains came


Cairn India 'to commence' oil drilling

Sri Lanka: The ‘colonisation war' against Tamils

Thousands in detention - Amnesty

As Gillard Is Asked Of ICC & Australian Sri Lanka Citizen Kohona, UN Still In Denial

On Sri Lanka, UN's Haq Insists His Denial Meant Nambiar Isn't Target of ICC Complaint, Is Only Called a "Co-Perpetrator"

Australia Foreign Affairs Committee discusses ICC war-crimes filing

Jaffna, a new military command built on Tamil cemetery,-a-new-military-command-built-on-T...

Sri Lanka army opens travel wing

Sri Lanka PM retracts India rebel training camp claim

Plight of Sri Lankan Indian Tamils in India: Indian Media Should Display Greater Sensitivity and Responsibility

Harvard University rubbishes Sri Lanka newspaper's allegations

India, Arab democracy, and human rights

Jaffna Tamil registration 'continues'

No security guarantee for Tamil parliamentarians: TNA MP

SRI LANKA: Does cash for work - work?

Sri Lanka: Is A 'Culture of Impunity' Blocking Reconciliation?

Sri Lanka has sinister plans in confiscating lands of Mu'l'livaaykkaal

British Returned Tamil Student Visiting Jaffna Sri Lanka Missing


Tories Were Collateral Damage in Tamil Leadership Coup

Photo raises questions about Canadian Tamil organization

Supporters defend Markham PC candidate

Tamil migrant pursues living in Canada despite deportation order


Tamil mother remains in detention in B.C. because of necklace


Asian engagement comes up short

US intelligence assessed Narayanan as anti LTTE

How India kept pressure off Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka police arrest 52 Jaffna Tamils in Colombo

In eastern Tamil areas 80% public servants Sinhalese, says rights group

SL Army appropriates heritage institution in Jaffna for ‘cadet' training

SL colonial governor hands over 200 acres in Vaddakkachchi to Sinhala trader

Young Tamils in Mannar and Jaffna still live in fear

Jaffna and the Vanni today: The reality beneath the rhetoric

Is Real Peace Possible for Sri Lanka?

Asylum plea: No Nepal room for fled Fonseka men

The son also rises

5,653 cases of ‘disappeared' pending in Sri Lanka: Forum-Asia at 16th session of UNHRC

UK MP group calls for international inquiry into Sri Lanka's war-crimes

Justice For Sri Lanka On The Streets Of Chicago

LLRC is Not a Credible Domestic Process of Accountability

Simon Jennings: One court, two methods of justice


How diaspora politics are beginning to drive Canada's foreign policy

Female Tamil migrant to remain in custody over tiger-themed necklace

Second Tamil with Tiger ties ordered deported, another ordered released

Paranchothy named federal candidate for Conservatives in Scarborough Southwest


Poverty driving children to work in hotels, houses in East

Dislocated Tamil

When India nearly crossed the Rubicon on Sri Lanka

Ranil 'dumped' for 'hawkish' Mahinda said India

US based sources gave hope on evacuation: Nadesan told a journalist

Sri Lanka says US human rights concerns complicate efforts to attract more American investment

Lasting Peace In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka protests against Libya air strikes

CID checking whether NPC 'poses a threat'

Sri Lanka: ICRC to operate exclusively from Colombo

Colombo focuses on tourism at the expense of fisher people

Tamil Eelam in the Diaspora

Australia: Rejected asylum seekers get visas

Canada: Court turns down appeal of jail time for Tamil fundraiser


Canada: Last Tamil woman set for release


Vanquished People

Govt 'not aware' of LTTE detainees

War panel a delaying tactic - UNP

ICG: The Politics of Domestic and International Accountability Options in Sri Lanka

On Sri Lanka, UN Says No Date Set for Panel Report, Ban to Proclaim on Its Secrecy

War ends but ethnic problem continues, witness tells LLRC

Ampaa'rai mother appeals to LLRC to locate son abducted by Karuna men

Rajapaksas were 'not fully aware' of war - India

‘13th Amendment Plus': India sceptical of Sri Lankan promise

Colombo digs grave for Tamil harmony

'No mechanism' to monitor NGO funding

Sri Lanka: Tamil parties hold talks with government

SLA-tortured teacher dies in Jaffna hospital

BBC correspondent blocked from attending Jaffna Festival

President questions blocking media from north

Ian Botham 'shocked' by Sri Lanka war damage

Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup ticket sales controversy

North was deprived for 30 years - Sangakkara

SRI LANKA: Textile sector unaffected by EU subsidy cut

SRI LANKA: Older returnees face isolation, poverty

Sri Lanka: Bishop of Mannar donates land to 52 IDP families

Amnesty International: Death threats for law school exam complaints

Sri Lankan government launches police witch-hunt to break garment workers' strike

Film fete begins with call to end censorship

Partners jump ship in Sri Lanka's US lobby firm


NCCT demands apology over Canadian ad labelling refugees as criminals

Motion on Sri Lanka calling for Independent Investigation into War Crimes was not adopted in Canadian Parliament

Post Preview: On the human smugglers' trail

On the smugglers' trail: The multi-headed snake

On the smugglers' trail: ‘So many refugees are here'

On the smugglers' trail: Sun Sea's Canadian link

On the smugglers' trail: The unlucky ones

RCMP 'making a difference'

Tamil migrant in Tigers propaganda video, Vancouver hearing told


HRW (Human Rights Watch) Sri Lanka: Account for Wartime Disappearances

Sri Lanka must account for missing - Human Rights Watch

US calls for 'accountability' in Sri Lanka's war

Blake sees ‘people to people' ties through militaries

US initiated ‘contact groups' to militarily weaken Eezham Tamils

Moving globally against the Tigers

A Public Meeting On "Tamil Eelam Movement: The Contemporary Crisis and Its Significance" (April 1, 2011)

Mentally ill person incarcerated for 8 years in Jaffna

Thousands of SL troops round up resettled villages in Jaffna, Mullaiththeevu

SL Police conducts search operation in Mannaar

Forced registration in Batticaloa

Security for resettling Tamils in Batticaloa's border villages abysmal

‘SL forces want Emergency extended for colonizing East'

Sinhala organisation in land grab accusation

Latest Elections Reinforce Status Quo

With Tamil Tigers slain, booming Sri Lanka makes up for lost time

Eastern University closed down indefinitely

Mob attack in Hatton following WC final

Sinhala hoodlum attack Up-Country Tamils after SL defeat in Cricket final

Nationalism, Cricket and the Religio-Politics of Sport

Proud to be Sri Lankan?

What statement on Sri Lankan crimes does; Tamil victims not forgotten

Sri Lanka met Ban ki Moon panel

Australia a distant hope for Tamil refugees

Australia left wanting when allegations of war crimes arise

Swiss: Tamils protest at asylum policy shift


Tory minister Jason Kenney defends B.C. anti-smuggling ad that Tamil group calls 'xenophobic'

Gov't to Tamils: pay smugglers or stay in jail

Conservatives take heat on human smuggling

Rae criticizes Conservative ad

Federal Elections and Canada's Immigration Policy


Sun Sea crew played 'integral' role in smuggling operation, IRB told

Migrants face hearings for human smuggling


US 2010 Human Rights Report: Sri Lanka

President's family 'dominates' Sri Lanka

US accused of 'politicising' rights report

Law Student Accuses Sri Lankan Leaders of War Crimes

Sri Lanka rejects UN panel report

UN: Release Sri Lanka Panel Report

United Nations Report on Sri Lanka Conflict Must be Made Public, Says Amnesty International

Sri Lanka: UN Experts Submit Report

UN and Sri Lankan Govt must reveal report contents - AHRC

Release of UN War Crimes Report Could Pressure Sri Lanka

Is it worth the wait for international support after the UN Secretary General's report?

Local officials harass war widows in Batticaloa district

58 Tamils languish in Magazine prison for more than 12 years

Robert Blake's ‘reconciliation' is farming in Tamil land for SL military

Seine-net beaches in Mullaiththeevu distributed to Sinhala fishermen

UN served a ploy to surrender killings

Sri Lanka: Crisis Of Credibility - Analysis

‘Colombo's ‘genocide' of Tamil even in the nomenclature of New Year'

Govt. 'covered up' Lasantha murder

Keep quiet and carry on

Exiled Tamil priest wants peace, truth and justice in Sri Lanka

Questions about Sri Lankans' human rights remain unresolved

Australia: SRI LANKA: Kevin Rudd silent on the plight of the Tamils


Widow, 74, labelled a terrorist and ordered out of Canada

Tories' talk on human smuggling annoys immigrant voters

Former Tamil Tiger ordered to remain in custody

Statement by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on the Tamil New Year

Conservative candidate takes pains to obscure his Tamil background


Candidate made it ‘crystal clear' he had no sympathy for terrorists, Tories say


Ethnic controversies dog Grits and Tories


Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Jaffna, Sri Lanka: Ground realities

Sri Lanka forces committed war crimes, says UN

A leaked United Nations report indicates "credible allegations" of Sri Lanka war crimes. Video first broadcast by Channel 4 News, showing alleged Tamil executions, formed a key part of the evidence.

The former UN spokesman in Sri Lanka Gordon Weiss tells Channel 4 News that a leaked UN report into "credible allegations" of war crimes represent Sri Lanka's "Srebrenica moment".

Report Finds Sri Lanka Attacked Civilians

Leaked UN report urges Sri Lanka war crimes probe

Civilian deaths in Sri Lanka may have been vastly underestimated, U.N. panel says

Panel's report ‘cannot erase the stain on the UN'

UN accuses Sri Lanka of slaughtering civilians

Sri Lanka leader urges protests against UN report

Sri Lankan Tamil party hails UN war crimes report

A leaked UN report reveals the United Nations believes there is credible evidence that war crimes were committed in Sri Lanka's civil war. Channel 4 News Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson recalls the "frustration and the tension" of trying to report on a "secret war".

"Prepared to go to gallows to save Motherland" - Rajapakse

Boyle reacts to UN report: "Creating Tamil Eelam, the only remedy"

As the UN prepares to publish a report into atrocities committed in the Sri Lanka civil war, Channel 4 News hears the story of a man who has been fighting for justice since his son was killed in 2006.

Leaked UN report accuses Sri Lanka of war crimes

In Sri Lanka, UN Allowed Sabotage of its Report, Which Chides Ban Ki-moon for Withholding Casualty Figures

Sri Lankan Govt. makes plans to counter UN panel report

Canada: Detained Tamils case exposes Canada's brutal refugee policy

Canada: Migrants face hearings for human smuggling


Video: People & Power - Sri Lanka: War Crimes

Channel 4 News obtains exclusive footage from the "closed off"corner of northern Sri Lanka, showing evidence of camps, repression and abuse, ahead of the publication of the UN's report on war crimes.

BTF requests UN to release Panel report public, urges focus on Tamil Genocide in May

TNA urges GoSL not to miss the opportunity to engage in equality process

Sri Lanka's government urges UN not to publish war crimes report

Rift over Sri Lanka president's call for anti-UN rally

S. Lanka opposition demands probe over UN report

Sri Lanka, UN's Explanation of Non-Release Shifts, 3 Weeks After Panel Finished Report

UN Report Was Ready March 31 But Was Delayed for Sri Lanka, Kohona Says Don't Release, Silva Lobbies

India must take position on Lanka's war crimes: rights group

Leaked UN Report Alleges War Crimes by Sri Lanka

As UN Security Council Hears of Sri Lanka Report, Russia Objects, Ban Ki-moon to Moscow, Sacrifice for 2d Term?

UN warns Sri Lanka

UN called to account on war in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka row over pensions

Tamil Nadu youth immolates himself for Tamil Eelam

‘Saving a state that refuses to be saved'

Australia: Ex-detainees claim AFP officer present at torture

Canada: Migrant accused of involvement in shooting of Sri Lankan soldiers


[url=]Sri Lanka: Opposition web site editor arrested[/url] April 11

Sujeewa Amaranath wrote:
More than 14 journalists and media workers have been killed since Rajapakse came to power in December 2005. Among the victims was Lasantha Wickrematunge, the former editor of the Sunday Leader, who was assassinated on January 8, 2009. The assailants were able to carry out his execution in broad daylight near a high-security-zone in Colombo and escape without difficulty. To this day, no arrest has been made and not even Wickrematunge's post-mortem report has been made public.
Other prominent journalists and editors who have criticised the government have been arrested. In 2008, J.S. Tissanayagam, a Sunday Times columnist and editor of the Outreach website and the North-Eastern Monthly, was detained under the draconian anti-terrorism laws on flimsy charges of supporting the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He was convicted but, in order to stem international criticism, Rajapakse released him after more than two years in prison.
The assault on the media and journalists is part of a wider trampling on basic democratic rights.

Death squad government rules in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka: UN says army shelling killed civilians

Full Report of the UN Secretary-General's Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: UN Chief Should Establish International Inquiry

UN must act now on Sri Lanka war crimes report

New evidence leads to war crime committed on LTTE's Col Ramesh

'Investigate' international support to Lanka

UN 'could have prevented' civilian deaths

UN probe of possible war crimes in Sri Lanka looks unlikely

Tamils call on Australia to back Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

The UN Secretary-General says he lacks authority to order a probe into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka. A video shown by Channel 4 News formed part of the evidence of a UN report into the killings.

Ban Ki-Moon has come under attack for failing to push for a war crimes probe in Sri Lanka. But a former UN Deputy Secretary-General tells Channel 4 News Ban is powerless to defy Russia and China.

Channel 4 to air 'horrific' Sri Lanka footage

Weiss: Both sides were to blame

Sri Lanka faces its 'Srebrenica moment'

Sri Lanka: No-inquiry zone

With truth about Sri Lankan war crimes emerging, we need a proper inquiry

Colombo forces Tamils to sign petition against UN: Srikantha

Colombo's crimes grotesque - The Times

Editorial: Sri Lankan war crimes

Sri Lanka must be proactive, not defensive

Truth and consequences

‘Solheim transforms from peace facilitator to facilitator of war crimes indictment escape'

A Second Chance to Confront War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Emerging truth about UN failure in Sri Lanka

Tiger Blood,0

Leading article: Sri Lankan war crimes must be prosecuted

SatelliteTechnology Helps Human Rights Monitors

Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka Emerges Into Public View


Canadian a witness to shelling in Sri Lanka civil war


Tamil-carrying ship not typically used for transoceanic trips: expert

Statement by the Liberal Party of Canada on the appointment of a UN panel on Sri Lanka

NDP Statement on UN Panel Report on Accountability for War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Kent backtracks over criticism of Tory candidate in Tamil Tigers row

Plenty of fear-mongering on refugee issue


Sri Lanka war-crime alleged over killing of TECH Director

Tamil Nadu pressure over UN report

Sri Lanka needs truth, not a national forgetting

ITAK urges internationally supervised negotiations with GoSL

Sinhala extremist federation wants Rajapaksa to terminate talks with TNA

Sri Lanka plans criminal show of ‘reconciliation' in Colombo, Jaffna on May 1

Sri Lanka president attacks UN war crimes report

Boyle: Word "Genocide" missing in UN Panel's war crimes report

UN war crimes report on Sri Lanka foreign policy challenge for Maldives

'ready to face UN charges' - Fonseka

Opinion: UN should do more on Sri Lanka

At UN, Meeting of Sri Lanka PR With Ban Belatedly Confirmed, White Flag Testifying?

On Sri Lanka, Araud of France Says Accountability Is Up to Locals, Unlike in Libya

German Rights Group accuses Dias of war-crimes

Blake should not mislead Tamils again: Mano Ganesan

‘Colombo holds onto its sinking ship'

US urges Sri Lanka to address allegations of wartime abuses, share power with minority Tamils

U.S. wants Sri Lanka to act first on wartime rights violations

No Direction Home

Malaysia: Sri Lanka conflict: ‘Probe war crimes'

Tigers' war is over but controversial benefactor won't give up fight for justice

Will Ban Ki-Moon act on the recommendations of the war crimes panel?

ANC statement on the UN panel of experts` recommendations on Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA: Rice, wheat prices among highest in region


Border agency criticized for broad definition of Tamil Tiger

Former Tiger chief confirms he talked to man now running for Tories


SCARBOROUGH-ROUGE RIVER: Rathika Sitsabaiesan elected new MP

Big changes in Scarborough

Scarborough-Rouge River runs orange

Canada's first Tamil MP looks forward to challenge

Youthful confidence wins the day in engaged riding of Scarborough-Rouge River

Scarborough Liberals struggle to make sense of losses in safe ridings

Tamils to protest on University Avenue again


ANC endorsement of the panel report is not pro-LTTE one, but one that has a different insight to that of the Sinhalese

Anti-UN sentiment in Jaffna: Fact or fiction?

SL minister intimidates resettled in Vanni to sign against UN report

Sinhalese stage anti-UN demonstration in Jaffna

Nothing will happen by some welcoming UN report: Basil Rajapaksa

Despite government claims, civil society groups back UN report findings,-civil-society-...

Opposition to the UN Panel report: Any method to this madness?

From draft to official text: Wikileaks reveals the US response to the end of war in Sri Lanka

At UN on Sri Lanka Report, Coomaraswamy Would Recuse, Team Ban Says Watch This Space on Asking for Action

In his native Sri Lanka, Rajaratnam is no household name

SRI LANKA: Graduates in north demand government jobs

Human skeletons found in ex SL military camp in Mallaakam

Released ex-Tigers constantly harassed, mentally tortured

Occupying SL military threatens TNA politicians in Jaffna

Indian Policy and Sri Lanka civil war - A time for Re-Evaluation.

As UN SC Blindspots Critiqued, Oxfam Excludes Sri Lanka Due to "Sensitivities"

Miltary used to 'promote tourism'

Jaffna voters' figures reduced to half

War crime, genocide case against Rajapaksa placed in Norway courts

We are past that point now

Wikileaks: Sri Lanka 'rejected rebel surrender offer'

'Walk to the troops': SMS sent Tamils to their death

As EU Notes UN Report, Sri Lanka Scoffs At Do Gooders, Navy's Idle Hands

Europe Calls for an investigation

'EU parliament leaves justice to the indicted'


Peace a battle

Jailing the Journalists

Tamils may have lost the battle but will win the war: Delhi convention on UN report

Australia, Sri Lanka bid to host Commonwealth Games

Threats, harassments and restrictions on former detainees and their families in Vanni

26 Villages continue as HSZ in Valikaamam alone

Australia: Tamil anger at new envoy

Third instance of Australia accepting alleged SL war criminal as ambassador


Refugee board says government evidence on alleged terrorist is speculation

Ocean Lady sparked U.S. fear of Tamil migrant tide

Ignatieff's orders to Grit MPs not to address massive, 16-day Tamil protest in 2009 hurt Liberals in Toronto ridings, say Tamils and Grit MP Karygiannis


Canada MP to initiate All Party group on Lanka

Canadian Tamils urge International Criminal Court to 'take action' in Sri Lanka

Investigation of migrant ship sharply criticized by Crown prosecutors


Over hundred thousand IDPs waiting to return

Round-II between Congress and LTTE in TN

Sri Lankan reports incorrect - Norway

Colombo fakes autopsy of Tamil Nadu fisherman

Ron Ridenour writes on the dilemma of socialist leaning governments on Tamil Genocide

University students in Jaffna defy subjugation, observe Mu'l'livaaykkaal Remembrance

Aftenposten-Wikileaks shows shallow understanding of US diplomats

New Zealand MP questions compromising stand on UN report

Need for War Crimes Investigation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka takes the wrong road to peace

International diplomacy is not about the truth

UNHRC 'ignored allegations on Sri Lanka"

Sri Lanka urged to scrap emergency two years after war

Two years since the end of war

Tamils mark two years since end of Sri Lanka's civil war

Too close for comfort

SRI LANKA: Long road to normality

IDSA: UN Panel Report on Accountability in Sri Lanka

Implementation of the UN Expert panel report on Sri Lanka - a moral imperative

Sri Lanka: Survivors appeal for justice two years on

Dutch Tamils arrested for illegal Tigers fundraising

Calls for war-crimes probe escalate as Tamils commemorate massacre

Sri Lankan government praises Bin Laden killing

Two years on

Tamils demand justice in Hague protest

Press USA, UK and France to talk to China, Russia: Vidar Helgesen

Massacre commemoration rally in front of UN headquarters

International probe into Sri Lanka's war crimes urged at British rally

Call for sanctions

Sri Lanka students fight military training scheme

Accountability and justice in Sri Lanka: a new chapter at last?

Are all Sri Lankans profiting from the peace dividend?


Country of Eezham Tamils mourns silently on Mu'l'livaaykkaal Day

SL Military harasses mourners in Jaffna at Remembrance event

Ban Ki Moon's double standard in dealing with Sri Lanka on war crimes

At UN on Sri Lanka, Weerawansa Speaks of Buddha, Silva of Love, Ban Has No Comment

Petition on Sri Lanka War Crimes Is Fake Carried Into Empty Building by UN Staffer, Nambiar Stonewalls

Gatherings of different nature in foreign lands

Canada: Tamil community marks week of mourning

Canada: Sri Lanka needs to write a new story

Canada: Liberal, New Democrat officials commemorate May Genocide Remembrance


Mullivaikal: The moment of deep sorrow and courage

Police Officer Talking Of Tamil Punishment

UN wrongs the World by inducting SL Military for ‘peacekeeping'

India alone can't be trusted, IC should be involved: TNLA

Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa defends military's role

A robust debate on No Fire Zones (NFZs) and International Humanitarian Law: Artful dodging of war crimes in Sri Lanka?

TVO - Sri Lanka's Muslims

TVO - More on Sri Lanka


Channel 4 News won the TV News category at last night s Amnesty Media Awards for their coverage of the brutal end of Sri Lanka's civil war.

Jon Snow presents Sri Lanka War Crimes film

Korea should shun Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka anti-terror seminar faces boycott call

HRW: Sri Lanka: Military Conference to Whitewash War Crimes

Continuing the Struggle

At UN on Sri Lanka, Ban's Inaction on Report Contrasted With Rwanda Mapping

Point Pedro to Mullaiththeevu coast encroached by Sinhala fishermen

Tamil Tigers sneak through Schagen (part 1)

Amnesty urges NAM countries to act on Sri Lanka war crimes

State terrorism in Sri Lanka says UNP

SRI LANKA: Myths and Realities: Reflections on the Report of the UN Advisory Panel and Colombo's Response

People in cloth sheds, Buddhist stupas built in Vanni

Sri Lanka GA concedes more than 50,000 continue as refugees in Jaffna alone

Occupying SL Navy confiscates lands for new HSZ in Ma'ndaitheevu

UN Sri Lanka Report Not Transmitted to Geneva, Ban Waits for What?

Sri Lanka: Confronting the killing fields

The continuing disinformation campaigns in Sri Lanka: Is mainstream media complicit?

Tamil university students get Sinhala summons for military course

Colombo defies court request, proceeds with obligatory military course to undergrads

Jewish Conservative MPs in UK voice against Tamil Genocide

Tamil genocide was planned by international powers: British academic

Concern over accelerated city plan

Sri Lankan death row prisoners go on hunger strike

Colombo targets Nalloor for Sinhalicization of the country of Eezham Tamils

Sri Lanka defends Buddhism - against London restaurant

Joanna Lumley's favourite restaurant 'insults Buddha'

Valveddiththu'rai specially targeted for harassment by occupying SL Army

Tamils threatened by Sinhalese to leave their lands in Poththuvil

TVO - Sri Lanka: Finding a Middle Ground


330,000 voters ‘missing' in Jaffna, Ki'linochchi electoral list after 2009 war of genocide

Plan to Host 2018 Commonwealth Games Opposed

European United Left upholds Tamil right to self-determination including secession

Silence on Sri Lanka screams of duplicity

UNICEF-supported programme tackles malnutrition on tea estates in Sri Lanka

UN Commissioner's call for war-crimes probe jolts Colombo

UN Experts: Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide Video is Real

UN expert asks Sri Lanka to investigate graphic execution video

Footage broadcast by Channel 4 News showing the alleged massacre of Tamil prisoners is evidence of "serious international crimes", the UN says, as pressure mounts for an international investigation.

Is the war crimes video confirmed by UN as authentic "unrepresentative and irrelevant"?

On Sri Lanka, Ban Passed Buck to GA, Whose Leader Passes It Back, Letter to US

Genocide recognition of Mu'l'livaaykkaal 2009 gains ground

US urged to use UNHRC for Sri Lanka war-crimes accountability

Challenge Delhi, Convince Paris on investigations: Tamil Nadu journalist

Ban's leadership questioned on handling Sri Lanka war-crimes report

U.S. case: Rajapakse ducks service, Court order sought for alternate service

Sri Lanka: Managing India Helped Win War

Sri Lanka: Difficult reconciliation between North and South, as government aid proves insufficient

They call it ‘the voyage of the damned'. But thousands still want to try it

SLA suppresses evidence of skeletal remains unearthed during demining

Tamil police 'excluded' from Sri Lanka parade

UN premiere for Sri Lanka war crimes film

Sri Lanka seeks new international laws to fight terrorism

A victorious army keeps busy despite the lack of an enemy


Key nations skip Sri Lanka's 'terrorism' seminar

Sri Lanka 'anti-terror' summit starts despite boycott

The heavy guns stayed silent

STF collects details of exiled Tamils from Batticaloa

Sri Lankan police chief Mahinda Balasuriya resigns

Sri Lankans protest over killing of co-worker

Canada: Tamil migrant ordered deported over Tigers' video

Canada: Tamil Canadians welcome Canada's decision


C4 tests boundaries of broadcasting with Sri Lanka exposé

Dorothy Byrne: Why we decided that the footage had to be shown

Abducted Tamil child found deployed in slave labour in Sinhala district

TN Assembly passes resolution to indict Sri Lanka, impose economic sanctions

TN demands sanctions against Lanka

Call for Kachchativu retrieval

Journalist one of many unanswered disappearances in Sri Lanka

'One million' petition handed over to UN

Human Rights Institute questions Sri Lanka's judicial independence

Water Washes Away Some Conflict

HRW: Sri Lanka: Human Rights Council Should Ensure Accountability

Hundreds turned away in ex-Tiger release

SRI LANKA: Emerging Trends - Perspective from Tamil Nadu

Tamils protest at Lord's over allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka under renewed pressure over violations


SL Army in Jaffna defies judiciary, restarts photo registration

LTTE mounts legal challenge, says post-Mu'l'livaaykkaal EU ban illegal

EU Court of Justice takes up LTTE case

Remove military from FTZ - trade unions

Sri Lanka: war crimes and confused Americans

Vavuniya protest for the disappeared

Gotabhaya grooms private army in the north

Voice of Jayalalithaa may be a dawn of new hope for Sri Lankan Tamils



Chanel 4 just boradcast more videos of war crimes and crimes against humanity....

Channel 4 Presents - Sri Lanka's Killing Fields


This is now officially on Channel 4 Youtube

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields


VIDEO (Very Graphic Documentary): Channel 4 - Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Sri Lanka responds to 'war crimes' claims

The Sri Lankan army is essentially Sinhalese and it has an inherent hatred for Tamils

War crimes documentary publicity infuriates Colombo

Sri Lanka committed genocide of Tamils: Arundhati Roy

Lifting the lid on Sri Lanka's war crimes

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields - a project that can affect history

UK routeing ex-LTTE ‘reintegration' through SL Army raises controversy in Jaffna

India-Sri Lanka ferry service resumes amid tensions

Atrocities in Sri Lanka

Amnesty International: Sri Lanka: Denying the truth will not bury it

Last Night's TV - Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, Channel 4; Luther, BBC1

Sri Lanka: Confronting the Killing Fields

As Channel 4 broadcasts a harrowing documentary about atrocities at the end of Sri Lanka's civil war, we learn of at least 40 Sri Lankans who are being deported back into danger from the UK.

Live Blog: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Twitter explodes with reactions and responses to Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

New video evidence of the alleged executions of bound prisoners in Sri Lanka has emerged and is to be broadcast in full in a documentary, as pressure builds for an international investigation.

Sri Lanka: Evidence that won't be buried

Channel 4 Sri Lanka Killing Fields: Where was the International community ?

The politics of literary boycotts

Gordon Weiss tries to unrelate fire and smoke: Jaffna politician

Britain renews call for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

David Cameron calls for an investigation into Sri Lanka allegations as the FCO says "convincing evidence of violations of human rights" were aired in the Channel 4 documentary Killing Fields.

Channel 4's Sri Lanka documentary draws 700,000 viewers

Channel 4 "Sri Lanka Killing Fields" three Sri Lankan asylum seekers' deportation deferred

International Groups Examine Allegations of 'Summary Executions' in Sri Lanka

The UN accused Sri Lanka of killing civilians at home; will it now seek its help saving lives abroad

Channel 4 "Sri Lanka Killing Fields": is a trial at The Hague the answer?

Footage of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, with its echoes of Srebrenica, means the international community is more likely to act, a top lawyer tells Channel 4 News. But is prosecution possible

Malaysia told to rethink support for Sri Lanka

SLA extorts money from Batticaloa milk producers

Sinhala policeman found slain in Vanni

Sri Lankan universities are no place for the army


Koppe: Tamil demand for retributive justice justifiable

UN urged to protect Lanka right to strike

Sri Lanka women cricketers recruited by security forces

On Sri Lanka, Ban Hasn't Seen Killing Fields Film Nor Reviewed UN Actions

Buddhist Stupa, Sinhala colony in the making in Mullaiththeevu

Former captain Mike Atherton questions whether England's cricketers should still tour Sri Lanka, in light of alleged war crimes. In a Channel 4 News poll, 87 per cent agreed there should be a rethink.

British commentator questions suitability of English cricket tour to Sri Lanka

Channel 4 "Sri Lanka Killing Fields": Is the US war on terror responsible?

SL Army brutally attacks public meeting of politicians, journalists in Jaffna

Military attack Jaffna political meeting

Sri Lankan Government Accused of Human Rights Abuses Near Civil War's End

Alleged Sri Lanka war crimes committed with British guns

Sri Lanka: Fears for Tamils deported from UK

Colombo: Channel 4 film ‘fake', made for LTTE supporters

An MP accuses the Government of "painting targets on the backs" of Tamil civilians being deported from the UK, and says at least two have attempted suicide rather than face the return to Sri Lanka.

Canada: Conservatives Deny Unanimous Consent for Karygiannis Motion

Canada: Rathika makes maiden speech in English, Tamil and French

Canada: 4 arrested in human smuggling ring

Canada: Tamil MP wants probe into alleged Sri Lankan war crimes


On Saturday, England will face a direct representative of a government accused of war crimes on a horrific scale by the UN

Report: India and Sri Lanka after the LTTE

Sri Lanka: Indian Delegates go Home Empty Handed

The Silence of Sri Lanka (by former Foreign Ministers of UK and France)

Sri Lanka's "Novel way to kill tens of thousands": The Times

Post-War Sri Lanka: Rethinking Reconciliation

U.S. fails to move beyond words against Sri Lanka for war-crimes against Tamils


Tamil journalist bound, shot, during Sri Lankan civil war

Channel 4 releases documentary 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'

Full investigation needed into alleged Sri Lankan war crimes

War crimes: The world has seen the evidence. Now we must act

Sinhala GS actions threaten to disenfranchise Ka'n'nakipuram Tamils

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields - what genocide actually looks like

CPI calls for all India solidarity with Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka

Jayalalithaa's offensive threatens the Centre's cosy neighbourliness with Rajapaksa's Sri Lanka

Exiled media fight on, says RSF

Russia, China 'support Sri Lanka'

Sri Lanka president receives US court summons

Sri Lanka president rejects US court summons

SLA commanders of the assault could be identified: TNA

Military 'apologies' for attack on Tamil MPs

Fears for Tamils sent back to Sri Lanka from UK

New York UN screening for Jon Snow's Sri Lanka film

India-Sri Lanka ferry hits troubled waters

India uses UN report on Sri Lanka to assert its interests

The island nation has a split personality

Sri Lanka's bloody secret

No information for relatives on Sri Lanka missing

China lends $1.86b infrastructure loan to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Countering the ‘Killing Fields'

Sri Lanka 'war crime' images fuel Tamil resentment

Getting away with murder in Colombo

‘Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' - shocking the UN into action

Sri Lanka regime rejects press freedom bill

Colombo to declare permanent ‘Sacred HSZ' at Maathakal

Colombo denies water to paddy crops of Batticaloa Tamil farmers

Victor Koppe on the Channel 4 documentary "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields"

Documentary shows 'Sri Lanka's killing fields'

Probe urged into Sri Lanka TV star 'execution'

Sri Lanka hits back

Sri Lanka's Killing Field continues to make wave

Tigers caged but Tamils' tale goes on

SRI LANKA: A report on 323 cases of police torture

The law is closing in on Mahinda Rajapaksa from all directions

Jack-boots in the island country

Exclusive interview with Callum McCrae, Director of ‘Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' produced by Channel 4

Canada: Once, We Welcomed Tamil Refugees Twenty-five years later, Canada jails "boat people"

Thoughts on a documentary: We are complicit in Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Canada: How the world should react to ‘Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'

Canada: MV Sun Sea crew member cleared of people smuggling

Canada: Video might change reader's mind


Sexual violence against Eezham Tamils carried out with genocidal intentions

NCPA warns of trafficking threat

Grassroot Tamil Nadu gathers to remember genocide, voice for Tamil Eelam

Colombo fears judgment against Rajapakse in US Courts

Work with the ‘other' International Community: leftist MEP

European Conservative bloc calls for maximum autonomy for Tamil areas, justice for war crimes

Sri Lankan peace group admits level of SL military rule in North

SL Army earns by smuggling LTTE iron

Statement by the Commonwealth Secretary-General's Spokesperson on Sri Lanka

Devanandha blamed for post-war incidents against TN fishermen

Sri Lanka will 'surprise the world'

Sri Lanka calls to reform UN

Moves to issue death certificates for missing

Death certificates to whitewash abductions, killings?

"Honest friends" : An op-ed on Sri Lanka by Mr Alistair Burt, Foreign Office Minister for South Asia

Sri Lanka police investigate attack on teenage girls

Tamils' land acquired to construct Arabic institution in Batticaloa

Plans afoot to "Sinhalacise" Tamil border villages in east, says MP

U.S. threatens action against Colombo for failure to redress Tamils


India must get Sri Lanka to keep its promises

India enters into ‘Army-to-Army' talks with Sri Lanka

SL Army orders against renting halls to TNA, political parties

Tamils protest UK deportations

'Allow' lawyers to visit detainees


Sri Lanka's Killing Fields shame exposed in major documentary

Sri Lanka's Diplomatic Offensive Won't Make Killing Fields Disappear


Sri Lanka attempts to stop ABC from airing Channel-4 video

Channel 4 rejects Sri Lanka 'war crimes' film criticism

UN warns of action in absence of Lanka probe

IBAHRI expresses regret at Bar Association of Sri Lanka's unreserved condemnation of appointment of UN Panel on Accountability

DP News Alert, 1 July 2011

Numbers of IDPs in Sri Lanka

Midnight ‘resettlement' of IDPs for Basil-show

Basil-show ‘resettlement' ends up in further misery and abandonment of IDPs

SL government manipulates IDP statistics in East: TNA MP

Eezham Tamil coastal areas intensively encroached by Sri Lanka

TN Assembly resolutions and strengthening pan-Tamil perspectives

Navy accused of land grab in Ampara

Plight of the war-widows in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tamil minority still being victimised

Date set for Sivaram murder trial

Sri Lankan situation: the truth must come out

Kumar Sangakkara attacks political battles marring Sri Lankan cricket

Sangakkara speech lands Sri Lanka Cricket in trouble

Sport cannot turn a blind eye

Canberra key to ruling on Lanka tour

Sri Lanka tour a delicate assignment

Cricket must face up to political bouncers

Civil administration becomes Sinhalese in the country of Eezham Tamils

Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, Adviser on Reconciliation to the President, responds on BBC Hard Talk
BBC link:
Youtube link:

Channel 4 ‘persecuting' Sri Lanka's government - Rajiva

Rajiva: UN expert panel copied from Weiss's book, Channel 4 documentary

War and aftermath raise questions over Tamil strategy of engagement with powers

Four Corner: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Audio: 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'
Interview with former UN spokesperson:


SRI LANKA: Returnees struggle in post-war zone

Legal action against Colombo for torture imminent: TAG

Journalists barred from visiting north

Colombo must act now

Beyond the horror, seeking voiceless victims of Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Genocidal Colombo eyes on 3-5 year old children in Jaffna

Norway's deafening silence on Sri Lanka is wrong: Aftenposten

Sri Lanka 'war crimes' video proven false: military

Teachers forced to conduct SL military's census hiding war deaths

Will New Evidence of War Crimes Tip the Scales Against the Sri Lankan Government

Footage sparks calls for Sri Lanka war crimes probe

KACHCHATHEEVU - Public opinion in Tamil Nadu

Why should we care about the suffering of Tamils?

Photographic evidence of war crimes in Sri Lanka, or not? (Updated)

Can a ‘Sinhala patriot' explain pesticides, arsenic and fertiliser?

Intellectuals and activists support the Tamil cause across the language divide

Canadian detainee wants probe into detention and alleged torture in Sri Lanka

Canada: Feds rejected proposal for cracking down on marine migrants

Canada: Toronto Tamil fears for wife in Sri Lanka


A ‘Sri Lankan identity' and race relations

Have Sri Lanka's Tamils been forgotten?

A New Resource: "The Status Of The War Widows In Sri Lanka: A Fact Finding Report"

The absence of Patriotism, Pluralism and Cosmopolitanism: ‘Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' in retrospection


Father of slain woman on Kathirkaamam pilgrimage rules out rape

British MPs support international investigations of Sri Lanka mass killings

Human suffering comes second place to sacred cows

Don't turn a blind eye to the killing fields of Sri Lanka

The Diplomat speaks with Callum Macrae, director of 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields,' about his documentary film and the controversy surrounding it.

Sri Lankan atrocities exposed: 'It's like Israel and Palestine'

Warning on Games venue

Sampanthan proposes SL minister dismisses

TNA calls for foreign monitors

Election campaigners restrained in north

Threats escalate on TNA candidates ahead of civic elections in North

Voters 'intimidated' in Jaffna by UPFA

Audio Interview: Tamil Tigress

Southern universities hold anti-SL government demonstration in Jaffna

Sri Lanka holds Briton over Channel 4 documentary, as Fox meets Rajapaksa

UK Defence Minister accuses Labour regime for Sri Lanka's war

‘Flying Fox' draws flak at home after Sri Lanka visit

SLA, para military extort money from traders in Batticaloa

"Constitution illegal" - FNO

'Deceived' to attend anti-C4 protest

Hedging deal entered without approval - govt

Sri Lanka appeals over $162 mln British court order

Tigers' key member deported to Sri Lanka

SL governor threatens Vanni NGOs to ‘donate' money to Buddhist stupas

USA, Sri Lanka co-host Security Conference in Colombo

14-year-old boy taken for anti-UN demonstration reported missing

Problems mount for Sri Lankan cricket

Cricket: Brave cry from Kumar's heart

Cricket: Sangakkara under investigation as Holding slams India

Cricket: Murali cautions over tour boycott

Fields Should be for Sports, not Genocide... Sri Lanka

SL police refuses permission to TNA to hold election meetings

Colombo plotting to reduce Tamil voters' strength in North, East

SL government servants in Jaffna complain political exploitation

SL Navy, EPDP, seal off election campaign in the islands of Jaffna

Genuine elections not possible in Jaffna: TNA

Sri Lankan Tamil migrants are detained by Indonesia

'No evidence' asylum seekers heading to NZ

PM accused of overstating refugee issue

Coleman changes line on asylum seekers - Video

Sri Lankan community reacts to asylum seekers' plight - Video

Refugees should not be political footballs

Unlikely refugees headed here: Clark

PM sings two songs on immigration

Tamil asylum-seekers may have been headed for Canada

Canadian Tamil Congress sues global terror expert

Intercepted Tamil ship was Canada-bound, Kenney says

Canadian Tamil Congress sues critic for libel

Tamil, tiger, terrorist?

Canada acts on smugglers


India's Sri Lanka Problem:To be taken seriously as a major power, India must show that it has influence in its own backyard (originally from


India signs MoU with Colombo to ‘rehabilitate' KKS harbour

Sonia Gandhi wanted Colombo to decimate LTTE before finalising a political solution

The ‘hidden hand' in the ‘Killing Fields of Sri Lanka' exposed: It's India

UPA government may not be able to continue with the anti-Tamil policies hereafter

It is time to start building a bridge from New Delhi to Colombo

Connivance in massacre

Australia: Sri Lanka, human rights and foreign policy in a tweet

Sri Lanka probe urged as video airs in US

Clinton meets Jayalalithaa in Chennai

US panel votes to bar aid to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's white vans deliver fear and oppression

RNW team threatened in Sri Lanka

Building a new life after the war in Sri Lanka

ICG Report: Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Harder than Ever

SL risks renewed conflict - ICG

Sri Lankan Jails ‘Hell' for Females

Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka does not need Europe's advice

Sri Lankan ruling party resorts to violence in northern elections

Ethnic ratio recruitment questioned

Tense atmosphere in Jaffna ahead of elections, women's vote at risk

Psy-ops cows opposition in North Intimidation before northern poll

Sri Lankan gov't appeals for minority Tamil votes

Rajapaksa gives Tamil Nadu trio stage fright

SRI LANKA: Northerners go to the polls

The international community's anger against Sri Lanka may soon be shown in the sports arena,-Lanka.html

Protest against C4 in London

Protecting Human Rights in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket ex-official admits Singapore deal

Prime Minister criticized in New Zealand's parliament over Tamil refugees

Tamils bid for asylum in NZ

Editorial: Asylum seekers deserve some compassion

Plea to Jakarta not to send back Tamil refugees

Colombo's "Road Show" on $1Billion, Ten-Year Bond

Gordon Weiss - The story behind The Cage

Voice of Jayalalithaa may be a dawn of new hope for Sri Lankan Tamils


Tamil-Canadians Want To Help Government In Solving Human Smuggling

Terrorism expert sued for Tamil Tiger remarks; Toronto-based group seeks injunction and $1m in damages


Was another Tamil ship really headed for Canada? Don't ask Jason Kenney