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Today's Ukraine: A Citizen Speaks

"Who should Ukraine base itself on..?"


'Ukrainian Police Declare Admiration For Nazi Collaborators'

"Even US government media, which has employed countless Nazi collaborators over the years, can't ignore the obvious..."


No Joke! Ukraine's Presidential Choice: An Oligarch, a Gas Princess or a Comedian

"Right now, here's the state of play: Zelensky 26.9 percent, Poroshenko 17.7 percent, and Yulia Tymoshenko 15.8 percent..."

The real clown is leading.


"My new visual reconstruction of Maidan massacre in Ukraine and bullet hole locations shows that snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings and not Berkut police and government snipers massacred Maidan protestors..."


"2019 is the year Nationalists must go on the offensive,' leader of the far-right AZOV movement, Andriy Biletsky told members of AZOV's street wing - The National Militia, on Saturday at the organization's rally in Kyiv.


"Ukraine is a Hellscape of memorials honoring Nazi collaborators who murdered Jews. The West is fine with this because today's Ukrainian fascists kill Russians."

More than 'fine' with it. We even train them, arm them and give the AZOV medals for it:


Fault Lines (and vid)

Previewing the coming elections in Ukraine


Persecuted For Defending the Persecuted in Ukraine    -     by Eva Bartlett

"In Ukraine, Andriy Domansky is fighting for his client, journalist Kirill Vyshinsky. Now Domansky himself is in Ukrainian government crosshairs. The Vyshinsky case is key in demonstrating the political persecution of journalists in Ukraine..."


Thread on Ukraine Regime's Most Recent Assults on Critical Journalism

"Total disciplined silence from western media and politicians on this..."


World Low: 9% of Ukrainians Confident in Government

" 9% of Ukrainians have confidence in the national government - 91% in Ukraine say corruption is widespread in government."

Thanks for helping to impose this coup-government Canada!


G7 Letter Takes Aim at Role of Violent Extremists in Ukrainian Society

"Such G7 is too late and comes after Western governments backed violent overthrow of Ukrainian government by oligarchic and Far Right alliance and after denials and silence concerning far right involvement in Maidan and Odessa massacres and war in Donbas."

An 'oligarchic/far-right' alliance heavily supported by Canada and especially the ultranationalist lobby represented in government by Chrystia Freeland. Meanwhile the deluded Canadian left is still lost in the illusion of 'the revolution of dignity', the 'heavenly hundred' and their own toxic Russophobia. Unfortunately, the Canadian left has never seen an imperial propaganda campaign it didn't fall over itself to cheerlead, no matter how mendaciously it claims otherwise when caught out after all turns to shit.