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The Situation With the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC - Press Conference - May 15

"Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada reported US authorities tried to forcibly evict a group of individuals who were peacefully occupying the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC..."


WATCH: Members of the Embassy Protection Collective Speak Following Their Release from Jail

"We must not allow the US to forcibly evict an embassy.."


"There are the amounts of Venezuelan government funds frozen, witheld or confiscated by international financial institutions, a total of US $5.4 bn  #HandsOffVenezuela

Canada is thick with the thieves.


Venezuela: After Opposition Support 'Deflated' - US Targets Food Aid Supply

"That Guaido failed with his clownish coup attempt does not mean that the US [and Canada] will give up on its regime change efforts. Venezuela's economy is in deep crisis. The cause is not the minor socialist attempts its government made, but the economic war the US is waging against it. The Trump administration is now joining the opposition effort to increase the number of people in Venezuela who go hungry..."


US Sanctions Are Crippling Venezuela, but the Bolivarian Revolution is not Defeated! (and vid)

"How much have sanctions cost Venezuela?"

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Forgot to save my more in-depth comment, damn. Anyway, short form: if Trump focuses on Iran and the outcry and challenge distract him, Venezuela might be safe or escape the spotlight much like what happened with Bush Jr and Iraq (and early coup against Chavez).


Engler: Canada's Five Year Campaign to Oust Venezuela's Government

"Why does the dominant media pay so much attention to Russian 'meddling' in other countries, but little to Canada's longstanding interference in the political affairs of nations thousands of kilometres from our borders?


"Here's Debbie Wasserman-Schultz with Juan Guaido's fake ambassador, who recently requested US military assistance to help his desperate boss usurp power in Venezuela. Fitting that the corporate tool who fixed DNC primaries has so much affinity for rightist coup plotters."


Canada closes embassy in Venezuela.

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The contrast between our government's support for Honduras and a right wing Brazil under Balsero and their condemnation of Maduro in Venezuela is just sickening. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is treated with kid gloves as is Israel no matter what transgressions they make.



"This neocon Ted Talk is run by the first cousin of Leopoldo Lopez, who just attempted a military overthrow of Venezuela's elected government. Oslo Freedom Forum is a prime example of the weaponization of human rights to advance the interests of oligarchy and empire."

Very popular modus operandi in Canada too.


North American, European Public: Finally Wake Up Damn It!

"...While the ideological battle for Caracas was raging, I was thinking: is there anything that could still move the Western public into action? How much more can the Western public really stomach? Or can it stomach absolutely everything...?



Behind Washington's Anti-Maduro Lobby (and vid)

"How corporate forces are lobbying for a coup in Venezuela and the campaign of disinformation the opposition and its US backers have waged to gin up support for sanctions and even military intervention..."

"Important discussions today in DC with Sec Pompeo about the new NAFTA, the crisis in Venezuela...Thank you for your close partnership with Canada."

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CBC Radio still continues to stir the pot of how much of a humanitarian crisis is underway in Venezuela. Meanwhile, no freaking asks for crisis intervention donations from the usual frontline humanitarian workers (i.e. IRC, MSF, MCC, UN, etc).


"Associates of Venezuelan coup frontman Juan Guaido embezzled funds raised in Colombia for humanitarian aid and lavishly spent it on hotels, nightclubs and expensive clothes. This is a monumental scandal. Great work by Orlando Avendano."


Lindsey Graham Wants To Invade Venezuela to Put 'Points on the Board' (and vid)

"Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants the US to use military forces to intervene in Venezuela to depose the country's contested [by them] president Nicolas Maduro. His reasons: it will scare other foreign countries like North Korea and Iran to see America put 'points on the board.' 'We need points on the board. Start with your own backyard...Fix Venezuela and everybody else will know you are serious..."