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Worthwhile reposting this 2016 article which concerns Genie Energy and Golan as well:

Trump & Woolsey: Was There A Bait-and-Switch?


"...In September 2015, James Woolsey was appointed to the strategic-advisory board of Genie Energy Ltd*, a US oil and gas firm that has exploration rights in the Golan Heights. Genie Energy International's President is retired Israeli General Efraim Eitan, a former Likud Housing Minister and MP who has repeatedly called for Israel to 'cleanse' the occupied territories of all Arabs..."

*With Woolsey on Genie's board is Larry Summers, referred to by Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland as her 'guru.'

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I wouldn't worry about Syria so much now. It's clear the US is preparing an offensive war on Iran.

That bristle faced fuckhead Bolton is even publicly contemplating levying sanctions on Europe if they don't get behind them.

Maybe its time for the US allies to abandon them. Let them do what they are going to do and hope that the US is so alienated around the world that American citizens will not be welcomed anywhere on the planet.


A Thread on Israel's Airstrikes in Syria



Tianna Sukkarieh: The Media on Syria , Fighting Spin


"How Western and corporate media propagate imperialist, hegemonic agendas under pressure of 'humanitarian intervention.'


"Canada does participate in the deadly strikes in Syria by funding the *White Helmets. This ISIS man Obeida Muhammad al Hussein also doubles as the White Helmet man. Part-time White Helmet, Full-time Terrorist. YOUR TAXES FUND CANADIAN ISIS in Syria."


*Attn: Chrystia Freeland, Helene Laverdiere


OPCW Says Chlorine 'Likely' Used in Syria Based on Open Source Info & Samples Provided by Jihadists (and vid)


"The OPCW report claiming that chlorine was 'likely used' in Saraqeb, Syria in February is 'seriously misleading' because its narrative is based on evidence provided by jihadists, the former UK ambassador told RT..."


Iran, Turkey, Russia Issue Joint Statement on International Meeting on Syria in Astana


"The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey as guarantors of the observance of the ceasefire regime in the Syrian Arab Republic, issued a joint Statement on the International Meeting on Syria in Astana..."


Russia is in the Middle East to Halt the War Not Take Part in the Iran-Israel Conflict


"Frequent misconceptions surround the Russian role in the ME and particularly its role in Syria..."


Syrian Dirty War Backfires on International Media


"...Anyone who opposed 'regime change', who rejected the interventionist propaganda, who stood vocally against a wider war against Russia, and who fought to offer an alternative to the one, narrow narrative offered by the neoconservatives was attacked..."

This wilfull stupidity comes from an unhealthy diet of Western propaganda media such as the Guardian or NYT. No matter how many times they are led astray by these disinformation sources, some always return for more with the usual results - confusion, stupifaction and support for imperialist agendas.  Despite Libya, Ukraine or Syria, some people never learn, alas. 


Enter the Dragon: China's Crucial Role in Winning Syria Peace 


"China is stepping up its involvement in Syria, not with its military, but with cash - and lots of it. For Beijing, war-torn Syria is a golden opportunity for reconciliation business. For Damascus, properity means peace. 'Western partners are reluctant to help rebuild Syria after its civil war,' reported Bloomberg. 'Because many think the wrong side won..."


War, Propaganda and Smears: An Interview with Professor Piers Robinson


"The following is the third part of a three-part interview with Professor Piers Robinson, an academic at the University of Sheffield and a member of the Working Group on Syria;

'There appears to be a failure of the Western military objectives in Syria, at least at this point in time. Arguably, it's the first failure of the post 9/11 regime-change wars and I know from studying Vietnam that at such a point things can start to unravel..."


Syria - US Moves To Protect Al Qaeda, ISIS in Daraa


"The Syrian government and its Russian ally plan to clean up the southwest region of Syria around the city of Daraa. The move would open up the M5 highway, Syria's lifeline, between Damascus and Jordan and secure the border with Jordan as well as the demarcation line with the Israel occupied Golan Heights. The operation was supposed to start in a day or two, but the US has now threatened to intervene. As the southwest Daraa governate is infected with a large Islamic State (ISIS) group as well as al Qaeda and associated groups the US move must be interpreted as protection for these terrorists."


The US Will Not Allow Elimination of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Southern Syria


"The US would like to conserve what remains of al Qaeda and ISIS in Daraa and Quneitra on the triangle bordering Syria-Jordan-Israel. The protection of al Qaeda in the south of Syria and also of ISIS can be justified only in the context of protecting Israel, the US's  favoured ally..."


RT Interview with President Assad of Syria (and vid)



"Israel in panic over losing their 'dear' ISIS & Al Nusra terrorists in Syria.' - Assad


Syria: Raqqa in Ruins and Civilians Devastated After US-Led "War of Annihilation'


"...A strong prima facie case that many Coalition attacks that killed and injured civilians and destroyed homes and infrastructure violated international humanitarian law."

Oh, and yes, Canada is a member of the same US-led Coalition that did this to Raqqa. Funny how our media so seldom reports it. Years from now Canucklheads will claim they never knew.


Deal or No Deal? US Forces to Exchange al Tanaf for Iran and Hezbollah in the South of Syria


"Very amusing to learn Israel will be asking for 'protection' for its Syrian spies - collaborators in Daraa and Quneitra before the Syrian Army's attack in the south."


"The Russian MoD confirms that it has received information that ISIS terrorists, with the help of US Special Forces, transferred chlorine tubes to the town of Jafra in Deir Ezzor to do a new chemical attack theatre to justify an aggression against Syria."



Syrian President Bashar Al Assad Interview with Mail on Sunday (and vid)


"Terrorists are supported by UK, France, the US and their puppets..."

Canada supports.


President Assad Interview (13 June, 2018)


"We do not need these Western countries and we will never allow them to be part of reconstruction..."


Bouthania Shabaan: When Do We Start Making Our History?


'It is imperative that organisations, unions and Arab parties unite to put in place a working mechanism that will make the boycott of the Zionist enemy a permanent goal in every regional or international activity. Let us recognise that the difference between us and our enemies is that we have a right to this land."


The Battle of Daraa against ISIS, Al Qaeda and FSA: Hezbollah Special Forces Will Participate

Elijah J. Magnier 19 June 2018

This of course will bring on confrontation with Israel, determined not to permit Syria nor Hezbollah forces in control of their northeastern Golan border....


The Syrian army veered southwest Wednesday, June 20, to seize rebel-held Kfar Shams and Busra Al-Harir near the Israeli and Jordanian borders. Israel has not intervened as thousands flee the area under Syrian shelling, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. Syrian strategists, instead of launching the promised major offensive to capture rebel-held Quneitra opposite the Israeli Golan and Daraa on the Jordanian border, appear to be running the operation in small steps. Kfar Shams is situated north of Daraa and Busra al-Harir east of Quneitra (see attached map). The fall of Kfar Shams drives a hole in the rebel formations ranged along the Syrian-Israeli border and brings the Syrian army several kilometers closer to Israel’s Golan border; the fall of Busra al-Harir cuts the rebels’ supply lines from the north and severs their defense array along the Jordanian border.


Jordan Sends Tanks To Border Amidst Syrian Army Advance...zerohedge


"The United States, which illegally occupies Syrian territory nearly 6,000 miles away, is warning Syria not to conduct military operations against ISIS and A/Q within its own borders...Yes, you read that right!"



Russia Officially Enters Southwest Syria Offensive Despite US Warnings


"The Russian military officially entered the southwest Syrian offensive this evening, a source told AL Masdar from the Dara'a Governate. The Russian Aerospace Forces unleashed a massive assault over northeastern Dara'a tonight, targeting several areas controlled by the jihadist rebels..."


The Kurds Have Lost Their Chance to Decide Their Fate - Only Damascus Can Save Them


"Trump is now putting the Kurds 'up for auction', betting on which Arab country will occupy the Kurdish controlled area and dispose of the territory they are currently based in..."


I've read 2 preliminary reports now that the US has backed down on its threats...and no longer will offer any support to their militias in Daraa...meaning Israel, now is on its own, with the threat of Hizbollah now sitting on its Golan occupied border....


"US-backed militants are co-located with Al Qaeda in southern Syria...When the SAA liberates the south, will the US step in to protect AQ?"



'2 Israeli Missiles Strike Near Damascus Airport - Syrian State Media


"Two missiles have reportedly landed in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency..."


Map Update: Military Situation in Syria


"Main military developements taking place in southern and eastern Syria."


Hersh on Claims of Chlorine Bombs (and vid)


"There is no credible American intelligence report that suggests Bashar Assad dropped chlorine bombs. There's no such thing..."


The Most Complicated Battle of Southern Syria...


"US forces under threat due to Israeli interference..."

This will explain one of the main reasons for the Trump-Putin summit.


Global Affairs Canada Statement: Disconnect From Realities


Tacit endorsement of Al Qaeda...One can always tell when Western jihadi proxies are in danger of defeat, suddenly after a protracted and lengthy silence the dogwhistled begin howling.


Good link NDPP


This one too:

Syriana Analysis (and vid)


"WATCH Syriana Analysis report addressing the concerns of Canada and the recent military updates in Daraa..."

Canada is also of course a member of the US-led Global Coalition Against Daesh in Iraq & Syria. As such anything the Foreign Minister says must be considered in light of its shared objectives of regime change and the dismemberment of Syria in the interest of Israel et al. Neither Freeland nor Canada can be considered by any stretch of the imagination  honest brokers in Syria.

Even now, having lost the war, it is recruiting and funding 'rebel' organizations and NGOs in Turkey in preparation for the next stage of the war which will be to achieve through a negotiated 'peace' what it failed to achieve in war.


Nerve Agents Not Found in Samples From Syria's Douma - Interim OPCW Report


"No traces of any nerve agents have been found at the site of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, an interim report issued by the OPCW says, adding that several chlorine compounds were detected. Some of these chemicals, such as dichloroacetic acid and chloral hydrate, are known by-products of water purification. Another OPCW laboratory only reported finding 'no CWC scheduled chemicals', meaning nothing that was banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention."


"The OPCW have just reported, well two hours agao, maybe it'll make it on a later bulletin. There was no nerve gas attack on Douma. There was no nerve agent deployed on Douma. We were taken to World War 3's brink on a crock. A crock of vile propaganda. Ring any bells?"



 A crock of vile propaganda...

thanks for this! I wonder how the cbc news covered this story.....if not objectively (!?) they must be challenged!