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Strange how the story these days is about Russia controlling US politics and no MSM analysis of the deep pentetration of the US government by the government of Israel. I wonder how many of the Presidential candidates didn't meet with Israeli 'officials" prior to the primaries.


Why the anti-war movement is dead in US and Canada.

Its quite simply the general public has feel war.  Right now Americans belief they are at war, the war on terror.  Hell I think that Canada is supposed on the war of terror.  People have no experience what real war is about, there no inflation spikes, no ration cards, 100's dead a day.  The stores are fully stocked, no hoarding, no black market in customer goods.  There no sacrifce on comfort and no sacrifice of lives of loved ones.  No draft notices to heard off, I beat you one 1 in 5 millinuals have heard of the draft and knew implacations off it.  Also the general public is not impacted or inconveinvced then the US and it allies can play games.  The generals and politicans who run the country knew how fickle the general public is.  Of course there a neo cons who have not felt the sting of war who believe that there are no limits on amercian power.  The reason the west can fight these wars is that sidelines civil population, as the checks show up in time and economy is stable, don't expect change as long as our governments can afford to spend on guns and butter.  If the population was facing calls for sacrifice of the butter part then yes there will be an anti war movement.



Syria Conspiracy Theory in 4 Minutes (and vid)



Reflecting on Syria


"Syria is not what the mainstream media wants us to believe it is. One has to see it to understand. Seeing is believing! It is an extraordinarily exceptional country. All that we have been told about Syria is a lie..."


Trump's Al Qaeda Troops Create Another Cowardly Bloodbath in Syria


Death Toll in Blast Targeting Evacuees From Besieged Towns in Aleppo Rises to 70


The West's AQ 'moderate rebels' continue to bring death, destruction and democracy to Syria. The Shia had been besieged by our head-chopping proxies in Idlib for years and were being evacuated to safety. Notice no 'progressive' tears or missile strikes over this one...

Humanitarian Hypocrites: 20 M Face Starvation But Western Focus is on Putin & Assad


"The concern of phony humanitarians is only for those who have been killed, or who appear to havve been killed by an 'Official Enemy' of the Western elites - like Assad. This 'outrage' has to be expressed strongly and very publicly, in order to build support for the bombing of the 'Official Enemy' country, and further the cause of regime-change, which helps the arms industry and one percent get even richer.

However, if it's an ally of the West or Western powers themselves responsible for the atrocities its a very different story. For all the moral grandstanding by May and Johnson and Trump and Tillerson, [or Trudeau and Freeland], the chaos unleashed by the West and its allies in recent decades dwarfs any crimes that could be laid at Assad's door.

But in spite of the mind-boggling numbers involved, the victims of US-led military interventions are 'un-people' who have been airbrushed out of Western history. Next time you come across a 'humanitarian' saying that toppling Assad and 'dealing' with Putin is the most pressing issue, ask them why it's more important than saving 20 million people close to starvation. They won't have a satisfactory answer."

Lest We Forget...


CNN's Amanpour openly talks of US plotting  'Coup d'etat' and 'Regime Change' in Syria in 2005




The Uncivil War with Max Blumenthal & Ben Norton


"Chris Hedges is joined by Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton. They discuss the role in the Syria conflict."


Russia and Iran Issue Warning Against Further US Attack on Syria


"Russia's warning notwithstanding, all indications suggest that the Trump administration is preparing for a vast escalation of the Syrian conflict to prevent the routing of its proxy forces.  The expansion of the US intervention would inevitably bring further death and destruction to the Syrian population, close to half a million of whom have already lost their lives during the six-year US-orchestrated war for regime change in Damascus. Millions more have been forced from their homes by conflict."


Al Qaeda Suicide Attack Kills 100+ Children, Women, Whodunit?



Civilians Attacked: UN Condemns Bombing of Evacuees, Western Media Acquits Rebels


"The Saturday bomb attack on buses evacuating Syrians from rebel-held areas, in which 80 children were killed, has been condemned by the UN..."


CrossTalk: Bullhorns Go To War


"War and rumors of war - Syria and N Korea. Russia-US relations at rock bottom.


'Rank Hypocrisy': Western Media Caught in its Own Echo Chamber Over Syria


"Every geopolitical expert or journalist knows perfectly well that Al Nusra and other extremist groups are funded indirectly by the West."



The Gravity and Economics of Terror


"Sean Stone goes down the rabbit hole of the economics behind terrorism with journalist and author Loretta Napoleoni.


President’s Syria plan starts coming into view





Terrorists & Rebels Lured Evacuees Out of Buses With Snacks Before Blast - Aleppo Attack Witness


"Eyewitnesses to the bomb attack on a refugee convoy near Aleppo that killed dozens of children said the militants lured people out of the vehicles with snacks before the explosion, and also stopped them from escaping the blast site. A powerful explosion hit several buses full of people leaving militant-held towns and villages outside Aleppo last Saturday, killing over 100 people, including dozens of children and injuring scores more.

Following the attack, Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire website gathered first-hand accounts from those that survived assault. People told her the militants did their utmost to increase the death toll. The exclusive videos she provided to RT shed more light on the incident. 

Beeley told RT that not many in the West followed the UN's example in decrying the attack..."


A Video On and Of the Kafriya Refugee Massacre. MSM & Al Qaeda Presstitutes Go Disgusting 


No White Helmets here...



'With Syria In Pieces It's Time To Recognize Israel's Annexation of the Golan


"Michael Oren says it's time for the world to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel. In contrast to negotiations with Palestinians, there is no Syria to negotiate with, Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the PM's office, Oren said on Tuesday.

'Without  Israel there, the region would be jeopardized..."


Why is US Media Ignoring All Dissenting Expert Voices on the Khan Sheikhoun Attack?


"Let's take a look at some of the voices you won't have heard..."


OPCW's Block of On-Site Probe Shows Western Powers Now Aiming To Oust Assad: Lavrov


"I believe that it's a very serious situation, because now it's obvious that false information about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government is being used to move away from implementing Resolution 2254, which stipulates a political settlement...and aims to switch to regime change,' Lavrov said..."


Chlorine Not Sarin, Used in Khan Sheikhun Incident


"Al Qaeda propaganda organizations were the first to claim that Sarin was used on the ground. 'Western' media and governments later repeated these claims..."


BREAKING: Israel Attacks Syrian Army


"Yet another illegal Israeli attack on Syria..."


Breaking: Former Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israeli Collaboration With ISIS In Syria


"Bogie Yaalon served as defence minister in the current government till he had a falling out with Netanyahu. In this context he spoke at length on security matters at a public event in Afula. But he did reveal how closely tied Israel is to ISIS in Syria.

I've documented, along with other journalists, Israeli collaboration with al Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda. But no Israeli till now has admitted it has forged an alliance with ISIS as well..."


Is Mad Dog Planning To Invade East Syria?


"The Pentagon's plan for seizing and occupying territory in east Syria is beginning to take shape..."


Corbyn Makes Election Pledge To End Syria Airstrikes and Plan For Peace Process


"Corbyn told the BBC Monday that he supported an end too the UK's airstrikes in the war-ravaged country, and said it was in the interests of all parties to return to the negotiating table."


Ukraine, Korea, Syria, Iran...Falsifying History is Uncle Sam's Way To War


"...Falsifying history in Syria on the short and long term is a key way for the Western powers to keep pushing their unlawful agenda of conflict and regime change - an agenda that fully depends on Western powers supporting terrorist proxy groups to do their dirty work..."


UN 'Deeply Concerned' Over Safety of 400.000 Civilians Fleeing US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa


"The safety of over 400,000 people in Raqqa, Syria, where US-backed Syrian opposition forces are bombing ISIS, is of 'deep concern' to the UN. The offensive has resulted in 'an escalating number of civilian deaths' as well as damage to vital civilian infrastructure, the organization added.

But while the US-led coalition participates militarily, there is no humanitarian support for the civilians fleeing from terrorists..."


Deputy Spokesman For UN Sec-Gen on Alarming Situation in Raqqa, Syria


"Civilians are becoming victims of the ongoing US-led military operation against ISIS."  Notice too the obscene silence of the 'progressive imperialist' voices that howled on cue so loudly over Aleppo.


Turkish Airstrikes on Kurds Complicate US Operations in Iraq & Syria


Several Blasts & Fire Reported Near Damascus International Airport


"Al-Manar, a TV channel affiliated with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said in an unsourced report that the blasts at Damascus Airport were likely caused by Israeli Air Force strikes..."


Turning A Blind Eye: NATO Weapons Reportedly End Up in Hands of Jihadists Fighting in Syria


"Weapons from a NATO member state have ended up in the hands of jihadists in Syria. US, UK, France, Saudi and Qatar control the distribution of weapons among different factions, said a 'Free Syrian Army' commander..."

Our side Canada.


Sarah Abdallah


"Today, the 110 Syrian-Shia children from Foua & Kefraya blown to bits by Al Qaeda were buried in Damascus. Silence of the world is deafening."