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New and Confoozled RE: column comments



Ahnee/Heya All:

I wanted to reply to Jennifer Yee's column on youth being marginalized in conventions, programs etc.

However, I just kept being re-directed to this forum?

Can someone explain how this works?

I'm used to forums and commenting but I don't understand this system whereby I am shuffled to a forum and can't find the original article to comment on...

Thanks for any help.


I assume you are referring to [url=]this column,[/url] so discuss away.

Many places, you can enter comments just under the column you've read. Here at, we have this wonderful discussion forum where everything in the cosmos is discussed, and people are encouraged to discuss content here by opening threads.

So that being the case, I'll move this thread to the rabble news section under rabble content.

Meanwhile, check out the rest of the site!

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