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arielc saying hello

Decided to take the plunge and sign up to post here instead of just browsing.
Thanks to rabble/babble for providing a different slant on issues than the mainstream media, an in depth interactive approach that clarifies many issues and better reflects the views and concerns of ordinary caring Canadians. We need this avenue, uncorrupted by corporate 'command and control'.

I look forward to getting to know you 'virtually'. :)


Hi arielc, welcome to rabble!


Thank you!

I seem to be having some trouble quoting and posting. Rich text won't work and I can't navigate to the bottom of a quote. May be a limitation of my mobile device. Do you have a mobile version?


Hello, and welcome!  Glad you're here. :)

Unfortunately, the only mobile version rabble has is for the iThingies, and even then it's just the news section of the site, not rabble.  It's too bad, because a lot of other web forums are updating their software to be mobile-friendly on any mobile phone platform.

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Good to see more friends here arielc.


Thanks Michelle, RevPls.
I seem to be learning to get around the posting challenges.

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..welcome arielc!

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Welcome arielc! babble and the site have been going through an upgrade and are still working out the kinks in some areas. Nothing too severe though.

Have fun in babble and on the site!


Hello, just joined, trying to figure things out. Any guidence would be appreciated....

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Be patient. This site can be frustrating but worth it. And Welcome! :)



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Welcome Wojah!

When I first joined, I too found things a tad overwhelming at first until I got the hang of things. Just takes a couple posts, then you are off.

Some good tips are located in this FAQ thread, and we are going through an update, so things can be slower at times. 

Have fun!