Hi there - I'm a "john".

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Hi there - I'm a "john".

Hello all,

As a result of a post on an escort review board (cerf.ca), I have decided to join this site.

I believe that society should recognize that prostitution won't go away regardless of what policies are put in place.

I am a believer in harm reduction, though I would hope that prostitution could be treated in a more accepting fashion eventually. I'm not sure I'll leave to see it though.






In the interest of understanding our positions, maybe it would be useful to share something about our relationship with the sex trade industry.

Obviously for most of the sex trade workers and johns amongst us, our identities are a secret that we will not divulge.

In my case, I have been seeing escorts since July of 2005. My handle of "luv-em-n-lv-em" is my identity from several escort review boards that serve the Vancouver area (perb.ca and cerf.ca in particular).

A thread posted on cerf.ca by a local escort (whom I have never met) brought me here.


susan davis

hi luv em and leave em!!!

i am and escort and that is why i am hear!