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true religion clothing

ur set schedule.  true religion saleThis means if you are scheduled to work from 9-5 you only work 9-5.  This way you do not find yourself true religion jeanssitting at your desk at 7 pm because you have a long project to finish the next day.  By staying late you are fatiguing your mind and you will be less cheap true religion jeans effective

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Moved to body and soul.

Hee hee.

For what better speaks to a thread topic on body and soul than a thread with the formerly spam-link phrase "cheap true religion jeans"?

I had no idea "religion jeans" true or otherwise (and cheap!) were in such demand. What's true about them? Their religiousity? Or their state of "jeanness"? Are they blessed by a "holy" person? Or are they "holey" already as seems to be the fashion these days?

I have so many questions.


I'm wearing my Cardinal halloween costume today. Forgot my holy jeans at home. 

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tmi, Caissa. Tongue out


I think I'll go with Military Intelligence clothing instead.