We Need Perpetual Democracy

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We Need Perpetual Democracy

Rick Salutin writing about the politics of hope and fear, recognizs that "This is partly due to our political system: We get to vote occasionally for leaders, then leave it all in their hands, leading to excessive reliance on "them," and turning on them when things don't gel. A political culture of blame and rage is the upshot, rather than shared responsibility and the will to keep going. What could change that? Something more ongoingly, truly democratic, perhaps."

Once we realize that too much political power in the hands of a few politicians will inherently corrupt, we must look for an alternative form of governance.

Thanks to the internet, we have now more information than ever before. We also have now the best computer technology to participate on "Initiative, Referendum, and recall". We are ready now to govern ourselves. What we need now is the collective will to shift from “Monarchic Representative Democracy” to “Citizens Direct Democracy”

Consider a political change demanded by voters from all political candidates stariting on the next election.

1.- Establish a clear understanding that the citizen’s choices of this new political state are supreme, not the Queen and her Governors, not the Legislative Assembly and Canada’s Parliament, nor businesses interests or corporate rights.

2 - All legislation shall be initiated exclusively by citizens and supported by the majority of citizens, via perpetual, computerized referendum system. Electoral computers shall be easily accessible, with a user ID, on public libraries and other electoral offices across the State.

Our ability to establish the social change we need is in our hands, as soon as we relize it, and start taking away the decision making power from our political delegates.

I vote therefore I count!


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This and much else to be found on Green Island   http://www.rudemacedon.ca/greenisland.html , for those interested in positive visions.


What exactly is "perpetual democracy"?

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vote your favorite order

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