Back-to-work legislation for CP Rail workers

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Back-to-work legislation for CP Rail workers



CP Rail unning trades (locomotive engineers and conductors) represented by the Teamsters' Canada Rail Conference wallked off the job Sunday morning. Just before midnight, another CP group represented by Unifor (about 1,800 workers who repair locomotives and freight cars, and do safety inspections of trains) represented by Unifor reached a tentative agreement.

Kellie Leitch, Minister of "Labour", had already stuck her nose in the bargaining a few days ago, as well as publicly announcing that strike-breaking legislation was ready to go for today if needed. When midnight came and went, she issued a particularly ugly statement blaming the TCRC for "disregarding" the interests of Canadians and the economy.

The TCRC has just published this statement on their website:

[url=]Elizabeth May asks Minister Leitch: When will you finally stand up for Canadian workers? [/url]


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Is there a single call to strike that hasn't been met with bact to work legislation by the Harper government?


Oh well, sounds like the blackmail worked. They have a deal.


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Labour Minister Kellie Leitch says the government is withdrawing its back-to-work 

Earlier, NDP labour critic Alexandre Boulerice told reporters back-to-work legislation wouldn't help resolve issues such as fatigue that CP Rail workers are raising, arguing the problems linger three years after the government last introduced back-to-work legislation.

Boulerice said drivers can work up to 12 hours on their shifts, putting at risk the communities through which they're operating trains.

Teamsters on strike

Teamsters members in Thunder Bay bundled up for their first day of picketing against Canadian Pacific Railway.

"This legislation ... will not resolve and solve the problem of extreme fatigue of those workers," Boulerice said.


Great speech by Alexandre Boulerice in defence of the CP workers and their health and safety demands:


Hey, just got that from Boulerice on twitter - he's very good, isn't he?



Like Nathan Cullen, Alexandre Boulerice always seems to impress.


Alexandre Boulerice pour premier ministre!Smile


Oh well, maybe in 2023.