Conservative MPs Laugh at Worker's Death

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Conservative MPs Laugh at Worker's Death


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This is the most disgusting crap I have heard coming out of the House in a very long time. The disrespect for a dead man because of his class is truly mind boggling.


Amarjeet Sohi, the minister of infrastructure and Liberal MP for Edmonton Mill Woods, rose in the house Tuesday to speak about transportation.

He began his remarks by acknowledging that as a former transit driver he was especially shocked to learn that a bus driver in Winnipeg had been stabbed to death earlier in the day.

"Mr. Speaker, as a former bus driver, I want to convey our thoughts and prayers," Sohi said.

On the video recording of the proceedings of the House of Commons, loud laughter could be heard coming from the opposition benches.



unreal but not surprising they've got God and Jesus  their side

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Jesus Christ. How I loathe the Conservatives. They are as crazy as American Cons. How I dearly miss Joe Clark.

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That is disgusting. People here in Winnipeg are pretty shocked and distressed by this stabbing.

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To top it off, the Conservative house leader objected to a Liberal motion to strike the laughter from Hansard.


Utterly horrific, classist contempt for the life of a man killed while he was doing an extremely useful job (unlike the "occupations" of some MPs...)

I'm sure babblers remember the degree of classist contempt for Nicolas Maduro, because he was a bus driver (I'm not speaking about his policies or competence in office; this was when he took over from Chavez).

Can there be any kind of motion of censure about this in the House? I'm sure the NDP and the Bloc would approve it.