"Re-dating" expired bakery products ... and meat at grocery chains

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"Re-dating" expired bakery products ... and meat at grocery chains

I hope Mr Saffari has found another employer or line of work!

Supermarket workers are speaking out to CBC's Marketplace about how stores tamper with best-before dates and how it can make food unsafe.

For five years, Mohammad Saffari has worked as a bakery clerk at a Loblaws store in Montreal. He says he was told to change best-before dates on fresh or frozen bakery items such as cheesecakes, muffins and pastries that were weeks or months past the best-before date.


The tactics used to "ressurect" spoiled meat are even grosser, and far more dangerous to health.

This also underscores the need to protect workers who blow the whistle on employers who endanger public health and safety.


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I heard about this yesterday morning and was thoroughly disgusted that these businesses would put lives in jeapordy just to make a profit. Horrible. And yes lagatta, workers who want to blow the whistle should be fully protected and encouraged to do so. Whisper campaigns are not enough.