Uber and the "gig" economy

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Uber and the "gig" economy

And yet even as Uber talks up its determination to treat drivers more humanely, it is engaged in an extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiment in behavioral science to manipulate them in the service of its corporate growth — an effort whose dimensions became evident in interviews with several dozen current and former Uber officials, drivers and social scientists,




A new study from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), finds that the “gig” economy model popularized by Uber has a lot in common with the economies of poor countries today, as well as the US and Europe before the Industrial Revolution.



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I worked as a "commission" courier for a company which shall remain nameless in Toronto, Ontario. If I was lucky I would gross $400 a week for a 14-hour day including commute time. I had to use my own car, which got a lot of damage in the process. I had to pay a lot of money at Canadian Tire to get it fixed, on my time off of course. Oh, of course and $40 worth of gas every day. Not only that, but you are violating your car insurance contract.

It is the worst job you can get. In the ad, it said I could make an "easy" $800 a week. Pure lies. Bosses who don't pay their workers a fixed legal wage are scum.

You can thank Mike Harris for abolishing the Ontario Labour Board.