US CEO pay declines for second year in a row

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US CEO pay declines for second year in a row
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I just watched a report on CNN that said "hedge fund managers are back to raking in billions of dollars again".

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Hedge fund manager paycheck: $4 billion


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Right, and with the new US health Care Reform law the Insurance companies are moving costs that used to go under expenses to the "health care delivery" column .. this is so that they can show the same ratio of heath care spending to revenue while still making more and higher profits (without actually spending more real money on heathcare delivery.)

Don't forget that Corporations have economists on salary as well as the government... when a government economist comes up with rules and formula to determine how they will figure out how much money an insurance company is spending on delivery of heathcare, or how much a corporate CEO is reimbursed, the corporate economist is right there making sure that the rules and formula are abused to the fullest extent of human dishonesty achieviable with a modern "business" school higher education.

Any decrease in any CEO's reimbursement must be viewed with the utmost scepticism as there is no reason to believe that those in control of the numbers are doing anything but "slight of hand" when they suddenly claim to be losing wages just as they come under fire for abusive wage manipulation.

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Short Bursts on a long road to nowhere: Welcome to Walmart

"Of course, the truth of the matter is that our elites really do think like this. They really believe their value to the world is immeasurably greater than any member of the common rabble--or indeed, the common rabble as a whole.."