SPLC expands list of anti-gay hate groups

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SPLC expands list of anti-gay hate groups

Story here, list with explanations here.

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Given the love affair the American MSM has with Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) I am looking forward to the first footage of his being questioned about the inclusion of his group on the list.Laughing

As to the love affair allegation:

CNN, on Prop 8 (opposite Dan Savage)

CNN (again), on National Day of Prayer (opposite Chris Hitchens)

CNN (crap again, they must have him on speed dial), on DADT

MSNBC, god hates public healthcare (kinda)

and whining on FoxNews


The SPLC is one of the best anti-hate sites on the internet.  It's just a treasure trove of information (besides the good work they do in real life).

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A wake up call is being sent to the mainstream media. In the aftermath of the vote to repeal DADT, questions are being asked as to why the same hateful talking heads keep cropping up. Looking forward to the MSM asking itself the same question during one of their periodic bouts of navel gazing.


The Catholic Church isnt on the list!  What, I sent the Toronto Archdiocese a letter of resignation for nothing?

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oldgoat... they may have thought you were just protesting the whole ritual cannibalism thing. Transubstantiation indeed!