Open Millenium Library!

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Open Millenium Library!

Recently in Winnipeg, there has been some controversey over the downtown branch (also known as Millenium) installing a security check point people have to pass through before entering. Well, today a group of people occupied the lobby of the library building for a read-in. Among the wishes of the organizers:

The group is calling for the following demands to be met by the city of Winnipeg and library management: 

  • To stop the screening measures immediately,
  • To fund and house social services and supports at the library,
  • To meet with community organizations by June 1, 2019;
  • And to change library services to better meet the needs of marginalized people.

Cuddy said last month he was told library staff feel safer since the security screenings were implemented.

People were also free to write their ideas as to what would make the library a better place.

People are paying attention. Although the security checkpoints currently have majority public opinion in the city (ironcially enough, it seems from people who would never go downtown themselves) it is important to turn public opinion around.

Most importantly, I am in full agreement with the top bullet point on the list. Public space is important, and the default in a democratic and free society is freedom of movement, not security checkpoints and stopping people without cause.