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CBC censorship

Does anyone else here write, or try to write comments on CBC's website?
If you do, have you ever faced censorship for no good reason?

I've been censored for no good reason many times now and I wonder
if there is any recourse to this?

There doesn't seem to be any.



CBC News Dept is one of the biggest con Jobs ever perpetuated on Canadian society
Canadians think because it is the CBC that they don't have a political agenda
The CBC news Dept has one overriding mission in life and that is to promote the liberal party of Canada
who knew!


NorthReport wrote:
... The CBC news Dept has one overriding mission in life and that is to promote the liberal party of Canada who knew!

This goes far beyond their Liberal party bent.
I will show you my latest post that was censored.
It was screened and accepted by the first moderator. It lasted for approximately 30 minutes and garnered 7 likes before a second moderator decided to censor it.

This is the link to the article and my comment follows.


"I would like to see the CBC give the same coverage and compassion
when terrorism strikes a Muslim nation and innocent lives are taken.
Like what happened in Kabul last week.

One headline just isn't good enough. More stories please, like what's happening now with the London attack!"


Sean in Ottawa

I have had this experience ferquently. I made many complaints and received terrible answers.

This is not about supporting the Liberals. In fact some of the oddest things are the comments that go through that are clearly very rightwing racist and sexist rants. Those who object to or try to correct them  will get censored. I see anti immigrant posts frequently but any rational response is censored.

I understand that the CBC contracts this out. when pushed they claim not to have a big enough budget to be accountable.

The ombudsperson's office says they ahve no jurisdiction. Racist comments cannot be fought if you do not have a person who is of the target group who is aggrieved.

There are no standards followed and the ones published do not explain the actions. Some censors have a very decided Conservative or right wing slant.