CTS takes McVety off the air

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CTS takes McVety off the air

Christian broadcaster CTS has taken the television show of evangelical minister Charles McVety off the air, after an industry watchdog ruled that statements he had made about homosexuals violated its broadcasting codes.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) said that it had received complaints about how McVety's program, Word TV, had portrayed issues "such as homosexuality, Islam, Haiti and euthanasia," it said in a decision issued Wednesday.

The complaints charged that the program "had included discriminatory comments on the basis of sexual orientation, religion and mental disability," the organization said.

In response, CTS decided to suspend the show, saying that such concerns "are treated seriously."

Read it [url=http://edmonton.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20101211/cts-mcvety-show....

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Best news in a long time.


I wondered when that would happen. 

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The only good news story I've read in a long time.


Yes that great but get this. Some of you may remember I complained to the CBSC about Jack Van IMpe Presents that airs on Fox North (Global) Sunday mornings. The CBSC turned me down saying he never said Muslims hate Jews or Christianity is at war with Islam. He calls Muslims terrorists all the time. All I asked for was a parental warning 14+. It seems CBSC doesn't think doom and gloom conspiracy theories or attacks on Islam is bad for 10 or 12 or 13 year olds who can understand world events.

I emailed Gail Asper about my concerns, she agreed with me and sent a letter to Peter Viner who was the current CEO of Canwest Global at the time (her brother Leonard was CEO earlier) so Mr. Viner told Karen Clout (Global Tv regulatory affairs and a liar) who in turn sent me one of the snottiest emails ever going on about how Gail Asper is nothing to Global anymore and that she will give the same (deceiptful) answer to her re: CAB clause 8.  I emailed her back saying just tell her the truth.

Next thing i know I get a letter from Richard Landry head of Global Security basically saying the CBSC dealt with my concern (at the time I hadn't recieved my copy and had to call the CBSC lawyers to get the decision) and if I continue my campaign he will set the corporate lawyers or (this is rich) the police on me. WTF! Obviously I hit a nerve when Ms. Asper got involved. He says I'm harrassing Global staff who are 1500 miles away. The harrassement is the Asper letter to Viner, nothing else. Maybe my website gets to them they were there everyday for months according to my tracker.

If any of you are lawyers or have advice let me know because as of yesterday I put in a complaint with the RCMP. Why because this is a corporate crime, Landry was interferring in a Federal case The CRTC is the Feds media watchdog. I was told by Ms. Grossi I would have to appeal to the Federal court if the CRTC doesn't allow me a redo of the appeal. I may however have one more appeal with the CRTC, Grossi will get back to me.  Global said he didn't say Muslims hate Jews, I saw him say it. When I asked for the transcripts  I couldn't get them, the CRTC said I can't have them unbelievable.

So I screwed up, I chickened out. Landry scared the crap out of me. Imagine this, Global's lawyers make up some crap just to drag me into court costing me thousands of dollars in lawyers fees. I was thinking I'm a friggin atheist why should I take a fall for Muslims, I don't have any young kids why should I take the fall for parents. So I put in a half hearted appeal not mentioning the fact that Global denied Van Impe's statements.  I could have challenged them. I even called Ms. Grossi at the CRTC and told her I was being threatened, they did nothing. So in the end I wrote a 3 paragraph generic complaint not using refences or asking for the transcripts.. I wimped out afraid of reprecussions from Landry and Global TV. I'm just one man who saw hatred and bigotry on tv and reported it. You'd think the CRTC would look into it a little deeper or is the Charlotte Bell ...Bev Oda thing still on. This is what I think. Political interference from the socons because they just love Van Impe's message of hate and his ability to "divide and conquer". Van Impe is on Seattles FOX 13 at 9:30 a.m. Sundays right before FOX Sunday "News" with all those idiotic Fox contributors like Palin, Rove, Wiliam Kristol. I guess he's the warm up act.

I cannot compete intellectually (I'm not a lawyer) nor do I have the resources to fight Global TV's lawyers. The McVety case worked because the complaintants had lawyers and orgs to back them up. When I informed the local Muslim center in WPG. they didn't even return my calls. I even tried a couple in Toronto, no reply. Thanks for nothing why am I doing this?

I have all the email exchanges between myself Ms.Asper, Clout and Landry. You gotta luv those idiots that threaten you in emails. I will post them asap on my website. I've decided to fight fire with fire.... for your entertainment enjoyment go to: www.jackvanimpe.ca  and see what I mean. check out Rexella's cat video (cartoon). There's a video of the bigot Franklin Graham there too attacking Islam just like Jack.


Global's offensive emails are up  http://www.jackvanimpe.ca/globaltvsemails.html