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Do social media-savvy political parties see voters as adversaries?


Zuckerberg is coming off as a scam artist before the Congress Committee today, but Trump's people in Congress will cover for him because Trump and the GOP benefitted from the Facebook machinations during the US 2016 elections.


Just another human jerk protected by Trump and the GOP

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony shows Facebook is a monster too big to control

There were many answers the Facebook CEO could not supply in his appearance before U.S. senators on Tuesday, Jennifer Wells writes. “I can have my team get back to you,” he said.


Have any of you downloaded Facebooks data on you?

It's been a while since I sanatized my FB account (deleted pictures, posts, commentary) but for the hell of it I downloaded the info facebook collected on me and was extremely surprised. I think one of the biggest shocks was thay facebook had a copy of my phone contact list with names and numbers and some facebook messenger conversations.

If you haven't checked it yet I highly recommend you take a look.

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Have any of you downloaded Facebooks data on you?

I did, because I read that I could and I was curious.  SFA, really.  Mind you, I don't post minute-by-minute commentary on my emotional state on FB, so I guess all they had was what little I shared.

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I think the link to your phone contact etc applies when you add Facebook as an application on your mobile phone. My husband recently downloaded his data and the file was huge and frightening in terms of details, including phone activity.