Karl Nerenberg: Ezra Levant openly promotes hatred against Roma people

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Karl Nerenberg: Ezra Levant openly promotes hatred against Roma people

Has old Ezra Levant finally gone too far, even for Sun News? He has openly espoused the anti-Roma ("Gypsy") hatred of the Hungarian neo-Nazi party Jobbik.


http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/djclimenhaga/2012/09/whos-censoring-ezra... David Climenhaga weighs in too.

Of course, as Karl Nerenberg point out:

"Ezra Levant, like this writer, happens to be Jewish, and so might not find Jobbik's open and unabashed anti-Semitism too charming.
But, on the "Gypsy" question, Sun TV’s Levant is completely onside with the Hungarian anti-Semites".

And may well have gone over the line to hate speech...


Thanks for this, lagatta.

Levant belongs in the United States, where his brand of genocidal hatred will be more appreciated, and where his mouth can enjoy First Amendment protection.

Is there any way he can be shipped there? Free trade? Anyone?



[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/1276898--roma-group-s-complaint-... group’s complaint against Ezra Levant prompts Toronto police investigation[/url]

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If his racist rant is not hate speech under the Criminal Code then it begs the question what would be.


Good for the Roma! Unfortunately, Levant's Islamophobia and full throated support of Zionism is still allowed free reign...