The new Russophobia 3

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The new Russophobia 3

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Western Media Coverage of Navalny and Le Pen Shows Breathtaking Hypocrisy

"Press coverage of Russia's Alexei Navalny and some of Europe's opposition figures is startling in its myopia and double standards. Thus we have the bizarre situation where a figure who makes Marine Le Pen look like Mary Poppins - and has expressed outright hostility to 'progressives' - is hailed as a modern Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Western correspondents.

That said, the fact they've had to hitch their wagon to a figure they'd militantly oppose in any Western state, serves to expose the bankruptcy of their ideas. And the complete intellectual collapse of Russia's westernization movement."

A simultaneous bankruptcy of a toxic  and Russophobic, pro-imperialist western 'liberal' intellectual class is also very noticeable.


'No Evidence Whatsoever of Russia Cyber Attacks Against UK' - Former British Intel Officer

"The NSA hacked the private mobile of German Chancellor Merkel, but nobody is saying, 'we must protect ourselves from America hacking us,' said Annie Machon, former British intelligence officer. 'It's an ongoing process of demonizing Russia,' she added."


'Russian Agent'

"Russian agent' - noun - One who criticizes Democratic Party leaders. Syn: 'Useful idiot,' 'Putin loyalist', 'Kremlin spy'


Follow the Money Trail For Source of 'Russian Threat' Paranoia

"Certain people are trying to scare us witless about Russia and 'the threat'..."


The Democrats Anti-Russia Campaign Falls Apart

"Sanity is finally winning over. After raising all kinds of shambolic rumors about 'Russian interference' the 'western' intelligence agencies are walking back their previous outrageous claims. The disinformation campaign against Russia is falling apart for lack of any evidence..."


LOL.  Celebrating victory at halftime is never a good thing.  Or, if you prefer, reaching a verdict barely into a long trial is never smart.


Except Clapper is talking specifically about evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

All they really have is two top officials and Trump himself meeting with the Russian ambassador and lying about it. Nothing, right? Just perjury for no reason at all.

Regarding the concerns that it is Russophobia, or Democratic machinations:

" These concerns are legitimate, but they don’t settle the matter. After all, there is no reason that the narrative of Trump’s unexplained connections to Putin’s government has to be framed in a conspiratorial or xenophobic way. Even the most innocent explanation of all the available facts still suggests that Trump’s close associates have made compromising connections to dubious characters, including oligarchs and Russian intelligence agents. On the issue of xenophobia, it’s worth noting that an alliance with Russia seems part of Bannon’s larger project of a global alt-right, an informal alliance with the likes of Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen as well as Putin, all in opposition to an imagined monolithic Islamic threat.  "




Chrystia Freedland and the Russian Disinformation Bogeyman: Walkom

"...But it was neither Russian disinformation nor false news. It was true. Freeland's grandfather had worked with the Nazis. And as the Globe and Mail eventually reported, Freeland has known of her grandfather's wartime activities for at least two decades.

The lesson for Freeland is that she should be more straightforward."

If it was revealed that she had lied about her grandfather working for the Russians instead of the Nazis, she would have been gone already. Canada has never had a problem with fascists over Russians. Or making up and believing ridiculous stories about them.


But that opinion piece doesn't say that she lied (because she didn't).

If anything, I think it goes a bit soft on her grandfather for his collaboration. But like others, it makes assumptions about what she is calling disinformation.

The articles are disinformation, IMO, because most of them falsely claim that she lied, and they sling the same old Ukrainian neo-Nazi coup narrative.

Contrary to the notion that the MSM are covering things up, the Globe put the fact that she knew about her grandfather's past in the lede without resorting to all the unsubstantiated rhetoric