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Pro HST Media blitz

Sept 27th 2010

   I just happened to notice that both of the major newspapers in Vancouver, and the Global TV news all featured "news" that the HST is not such a bad thing, and that the ignorant public just doesn't understand that it will save us money.

  Global went so far as to do a charachter assassination of Bill Vanderzam, who is the lead figure against the HST, saying he is associated with "extreme right wing groups" and so on. [more details, anyone?]

  Anyone else notice this? Lets see where it goes.


Here is the link to a CBC article doing the same thing - smearing the Anti-HST campaign organisers:


So you have no problem with the Besler & Romanchuk comments?


Well, ya, those are stupid things to say, like Obama is a terrorist.

But it doesn't have anything to do with the HST. If this was a political party being organised, with a wide scope of issues, then it would matter. Vanderzam only picked those people [if thats how it worked] for their ability to organise against the HST.



And I was reading the library copy of the Province [BC] today [Friday Oct 1] and it had a lead reporter doing another smear run on Vanderzam's organisers.

Campbell must be spending a lot of money, or putting some heavy pressure, on the mainstream media to run this crap that has NOTHING to do with the HST debate itself.

"when you cannot win the debate, disparage the opponents"


Well I guess when Capitalism comes up short, as it always does, the rich need to do something.


How do capitalists divy up the wealth created by labour power?


Operation Costs


Surplus Value.


Well if economic growth is near stagnant, how do you improve it? Slash wages, stop reivensting, off load tax burdens?


HST means you pay and the rich keep even more of your sweat.