Could love of the military shoot down a new relationship?

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Could love of the military shoot down a new relationship?




Dear Ms. Communicate,
I've just started dating someone whose family has a tradition of serving in the military.

Although this new beau is not in the military himself, there seems to be a general glorification of war running through the whole family tree.

As someone who deeply rejects war, is this relationship doomed?

Warring Heart

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If their attitudes are deeply entrenched, it is a losing battle. If one can accept that some wars are necessary (defense, ending facism, whatever) on her part and that some wars were unneccesary or evil(vietnam, lebanon invasion, iraq, etc) on theirs, then it will be fine.

But few can accept a middle line, blinded by ideology that they are (on either side)


I thought Ms Communicate's reply was bang on. Oops! I mean, it's good advice. Because what if everything else about the other person, and vice versa, is too good to throw away because of one sticking point? The two people involved should know whether their feelings are mutual, and neither of them should be mscommunicatin' these things.