Chrystia Freeland on Canada's Foreign Policy

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Chrystia Freeland on Canada's Foreign Policy

CBC: Freeland Rejects Trump's Nationalist Policies, Says Canada Will Step Up To Lead On World Stage

"...Speaking to reporters later, Freeland said the only foreign minister she briefed ahead of the speech was US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whom she spoke to Monday. Freeland's speech comes the day before Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan is set to release a comprehensive roadmap for Canada's military..."

Sounds expensive. Good comments


Good Manners Backed By Muscle Mark Canada's Approach To The World, Chrystia Freeland Says

"...And, she said, Canada must also be willing to use military power 'in defence of our values and our allies.' (Ukraine? Israel?) ...Still, Freeland told CBC News that the Canadian government is committed to 'doubling down' on its relationship with the US..."


The Militarization of Canada: Chrystia Freeland's Budgetary Coup

"It seems clear that Chrystia Freeland is driving the militarization of Canada's foreign policy."


Chrystia Freeland Once Counted NDP Among Her Fans

"New Democrats were big fans of Chrystia Freeland before she became the Grit candidate."

No surprise here. Perhaps it helps explain the silence of the NDP. Although this is also No Difference Party standard operating procedure with something as controversial as the Freeland/Sajjan hustle - wait and see what the reaction is, then carefully craft a position which can be interpreted as much as possible as being all things to all people. I predict we shall shortly see a standard run-with-hare-but-hunt-with-hounds ndp response. And aside from the usual suspects, Canadian 'progressives' are probably waiting to see what everybody else thinks first.


To me the short story is that Trump demanded that the Canadian government spend more money on the military, so Trudeau/Freeland are doing as they were told.  They are taking their orders from Washington, even as they dress it up in tough talk about how we can't rely on the Americans to defend us.

Freeland is the one-time critic of the plutocrats who has devolved into their humble servant. Her book, "Plutocrats", turns out to be nonsense, given her political re-positioning, post-election. I'm not sure now that she believed what she was saying when she wrote it, and let's face it, the analysis in the book is far from radical, anyway.

As a New Democrat, myself, I can't imagine anyone of any progressive persuasion who might support Freeland and her neo-Liberal world view. People like Freeland are the reason I'm a member of the NDP, whatever its shortcomings.


"Great 1st meeting with US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to discuss Can/US collaboration at the UN & actions for Intl peace and security."

Canada [and Freeland] are extremely good at collaborating...


Canada Follows Orders: Russia Reacts  -  by Christopher Black

"Canada has once again revealed itself as a country without any existential existence. It is a regional backwater of the USA, the remaining vestiges of supporting any independence submerged in the swamp of American imperialism and culture..."


It seems to me that Trudeau and team replaced S. Dion by C. Freeland because she is an anti-Russia hawk like her grandfather, a pro-German Ukrainian, welcomed to Canada after WWII.

It is sickening to see how Canada, with its own "Donbass" (minority-language Quebec) is militarily helping the Ukrainian government crush the separatist Russian-speaking provinces next to Russia, which could easily annex them if it wanted.


... with the Russian-speaking Azov Battalion. Just to add insult to injury.