Chrystia Freeland on Canada's foreign policy

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Canada Helping To Support Journalism Rights Around the World

"...including former Canadian justice minister Irwin Cotler - to help support journalism rights around the world."

Canada inserts a Zio guardian/gatekeeper to ensure those 'rights' don't include critical reporting on Apartheid Israel...

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Our Minister of All Vassal Relationships had this to say about his statement. Strange that she thinks it is all right for her to be advising political soulmates in Venezuela and the Ukraine on how to secure particular outcomes that the NATO imperium wants.

“In that context, I think it is inappropriate for any Canadian to be advising any foreign government in ways it ought, or ought not to, behave to secure any particular election outcome in Canada.”


Canada's Liberal Government Hosts Anti-Russia Conference on Ukraine

"...Domestically, Trudeau is using the alleged threat posed by 'Russian aggression' and 'foreign interference' more generally to justify censorship of social media and other anti-democratic measures ahead of this fall's federal election. The Trudeau government's anti-Russia stance, which is endorsed by the overwhelming majority of Canada's ruling elite [and collaborating 'progressives'] is part of the resurgence of Canadian militarism..."