Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran....Mali Next?

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Canadians Head Into Fight That May Be 'Unwinnable' in Mali

"...One of the biggest problems isn't that we have really tough rivals but that we have really bad allies,' says Aisha Ahmad, a terrorism researcher at the University of Toronto who regularly travels to Mali. 'Those guys are implicated in cocaine trafficking and illicit business and have become financially incentivized to maintain the status quo. We got into bed with some pretty rough characters,' she says. 'I'm deeply concerned that our men and women in uniform would be put into a situation where they're potentially handed an unwinnable war."


Malian Forces Kill 12 Civilians in Retaliation For Fellow Soldier's Death, UN Mission Says

"Mali's fight against jihadist groups has been marred by a series of alleged abuses."

Oh what a lovely war...


The great news is that Canada almost met Trudeaus goal of 15% women on this tour.

Maybe not so great when the women on this tour get told they're doing back to back tours or deploying again after 6 months at home in order to reach that 15% quota, but I'm sure the other UN countries on the ground there are amazed at our gender parity efforts.

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I hope none of the women get kidnapped by jihadi terrorists. It could get grim.


Well despite the reasons Trudeau gave for pushing for 15% female soldiers on the mission they're luckily going to be well away from the front line so to speak.

Also may I suggest a reading of  Amanda Lindhout's story of her captivity? Amazing woman.