Looming Water Crisis in Canada

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Looming Water Crisis in Canada

Looking at Canada's Looming Water Crisis Now: Some Alternative Viewpoints and Leads.

First Nations Perspectives 2010



McGill University Water Conference 2010


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We need a National Water Policy.

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Oh ffs

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What does offs mean? I'm not kidding I don't know. Come clean rabble-rouser you.

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Alberta is in the grip of a once-in-a-generation drought with the driest back-to-back years on record since the 1880s, poised grimly to drag into a third year with little snow over the winter and, according to Environment Canada, a long, hot spring and summer ahead.

from the Globe & Mail


What should be the objective of a national water policy?

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Objectives of a national water policy? I think the objectives should include some minimal basics which would include water conservation, regulation of industrial pollution, and ongoing water resources monitoring for example. What do you think Bubbles?

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Oh yes, water shortage as Canada, as a country,  has pretty much the most water in the world....can anyone say NEP?


We might come to regret having deleted our national energy policy. It would have made it a lot easier to come to a national climate strategy.


According to what Dr. David Schindler, Canada's top water expert, has said, it's highly likely that Alberta is not simply in a "once in a generation drought," but that drought could likely be permanent in the decades to come, as the 20th century wet conditions were, apparently, a historical anomaly.


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HELLO REMIND....I appreciate what you are saying. I was really surprised to find out that only a very small percentage of our water is useable as fresh water for drinking for example.

For the full scoop may I refer you to CANADIAN WATER: TOWARDS A NEW STRATEGY - CONFERENCE recently held at McGill university for further details; there are podcasts and videos on the site http://www.mcgill.ca/water2010/

Mike from Canmore

Things that should be apart of Canada's water strategy:

- Water should never be privatized

- Water should always be affordable

- Hefty fines and jail time for dumping in Canada's fresh water systems

- Hefty fines and jail time for any Canadian business caught dumping in any fresh water system around the world

- Force oil and agriculture industries to reduce their fresh water use/waste by placing limits on the amount of water each can use; provide money for R&D and to help facilitate a smooth industry transformation; and enforce fines and jail time to those who use more water than they are entitled too. 

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Thanks for your insights Mike. One of the reasons I think that we need a NATIONAL WATER POLICY is because we need a coherent approach to water governance across Canada, so that careless people and corporations are inhibited from taking advantage of our patchy piece meal provincial approaches, to water usage.

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Excerpts from Why Canada needs a National Water Policy please see http://www.canadians.org/water/issues/policy/index.html

Download PDF version

Read National Water Policy - from the CCPA's 2009 Alternative Federal Budget (PDF 129kb)

"Water is vital to people's health and livelihoods. In Canada, there is no national strategy to address urgent water issues and no federal leadership to conserve and protect our water. The Federal Water Policy is more than 30 years old and badly outdated.

Canada's economy is built on the myth of an abundance of fresh water. In fact, only one per cent of Canada's fresh water is renewable. Water use and consumption in Canada will remain unsustainable unless protective measures are taken."


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remind wrote:
....can anyone say NEP?

Canada used to have required 20 year oil and gas reserves until they sold our national energy policy and the environment etcetera to Exxon-Imperial and friends.

And we'll be paying corporate America to take massive amounts of water off our hands before very long if the Tories and friends have anything to do with it.

Tommy once said that Canadians would wake up one day to just trickles of water from our kitchen taps. I can see it all now. Liberals, Tories same old stories will gladly sell us all down the Mississippi. Again. It'll be just like old times in this Northern Puerto Rico except with a lot less oil and gas and water.

And then our corrupt stooges will find some other valuable resource Canadians haven't nailed down along with the furniture and pawn that off for a song, too.