Police Harassment of the homeless

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Police Harassment of the homeless

I found myself about 15 years ago, I living out of a car.  At that point, I was not diagnosed with Schizophrenia yet but I clear I silently suffering from the disease over 2 years.  I living out my car, I had clear 15 dollars in loose change and half loaf bridge and 3 or 4 apples left.  I living in car then police car parks beside and I nice and trying answer his answers.  He asked my license, I give my license, that informed It was against the law to no have permanent address on the license.  I tried to explain I homeless and what point giving me a ticket.  He gave the ticket for I think about 48 dollars and told me I find another location.  The said decare about I have broken law it is,  I think the police have discerned to give and tickets petty bylaws.  I explained 15 dollars and some food left how I going the play ticket, dismissed me he told not care how I am paying for the ticket. Was is the point giving me a ticket I could pay off. I made clear that no money, so what point giving this ticket, I concluded harassment or direct campaign to drive out the poor out the city.  This happened in my community of Chatham Kent and I believe this happens in other communities but no talks about the practice. I think this referred to criminalizing the poor, I think that's what is called when studied at the Windsor University.  Those that have similar experience  I hope others to speak out with then experiences.


Alas it is systematic, in a great many places. Including being followed like thieves if clothing is worn and shoes down at heel. Hope you are doing better now, and also hope there is more emphasis on this classist practice in media.


Lagatta is correct in identifying this as a class issue. Low income people, the homeless, people struggling with addiction or mental health issues, all are relegated to a class of people who have little societal value and, as such, are fair game for law enforcement who have murdered mentally ill people on numerous occasions.

I hope you are in a better place now and have the supports you need. Your contributions here on babble are valued and are appreciated.


Rosa Luxemburg identified this as a class issue over 100 years ago, in her essay "Im Asyl" (in the night shelter) about homeless men who died by being poisoned by insalubrious tinned fish on the menu there. Yes, she also evoked mental illness and other problems (addictions?) but pointed out that if the same things were to befall upper-class people, they would be shipped off to a far less dismal and dangerous place. Of course even the most bucolic and well-appointed asylums were far from pleasant or enlightened places, but they weren't death factories.

It is also a housing issue, but social housing, including supported social housing, remains woefully inadequate and many out-of-touch pols, or those who frankly hate the poor, fail to prioritise it.