R.I.P. Madeleine Parent

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R.I.P. Madeleine Parent





Madeleine Parent was one of those people who make you think anew about the world. Her courage and inspirational leadership were a huge part of the labour movement, the women's movement, and struggles for social justice of every kind from peace activism to solidarity with First Nations. 

No other activist better incarnated the spirit of this website.

I mourn her passing, and I wish the world more people with her ability, and willingness to engage with the issues of our times.

Among her gifts was the ability to make those she met feel they had a special relationship with her. Her gift for friendship was exceptional. For those of us fortunate enough to meet with her, learn from her, and laugh with her, the loss is deeply felt.

We can console outselves knowing she leaves the world of all Canadian workers a better place as a result of her unflagging efforts on behalf of others.


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duncan cameron

What a great figure of our movement. What a great loss. And what lasting contributions.

duncan cameron

Thanks Unionist, I was hoping you would post on this thread. Her contribution to Canadian labour practices deserve to be remembered over and over again.

duncan cameron

Judy Rebick contributes her thoughts on the loss of Madeleine Parent.


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Ack. Oh no. Thanks for this memorial, Duncan.

duncan cameron

Tribute from Québec solidaire:

[url=http://quebecsolidaire.net/actualite_nationale/deces_de_madeleine_parent... loses a great fighter for social rights[/url]

And from the Parti Québécois:

[url=http://pq.org/actualite/communiques/le_parti_quebecois_offre_ses_plus_si... PQ expresses its most sincere condolences to Madeleine Parent's family and friends[/url]

The Québec Federation of Labour (FTQ):

[url=http://ftq.qc.ca/modules/nouvelles/nouvelle.php?id=2176&langue=fr]FTQ on the death of militant trade unionist Madeleine Parent[/url]

And the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN):

[url=http://www.csn.qc.ca/web/csn/communique/-/ap/Comm12-03-12?p_p_state=maxi... tireless fighter has left us[/url]

duncan cameron

Thank you Duncan.  She was a voice of reason when Duplessis was pillaging Quebec, and an indefatigable voice for women's rights and for the labour movement (something very near and dear to my heart).

duncan cameron
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I wish I had known of this courageous fighter when she lived. 

93 years of struggle against injustice and oppression...the best possible example of a live well lived.

In honor of her...I'd like to post this song, written by the great Northern Irish peace and justice singer Tommy Sands:


(note the array of people singing this...some of whom have passed since this was posted)

(btw...if anybody has a French translation of these words, please post it if it's near at hand).

duncan cameron

This great evocation of Madeleine, such an important figure in our history, and a friend to so many, is from an interview this morning the CBC's The Sunday Edition did with the Montreal historian Andrée Levesque. It gives a terrific sense of why Madeleine mattered so much to what we now call progressive people. Her work on behalf of workers, women, Canadians and Quebec sovereignists, the peace movement never ceased.Only bad health slowed her down.


duncan cameron

I have to choose between attending that and a bicycle parade in support of the students!!!


[url=http://www.francoisedavid.com/2012/04/discours-de-francoise-david-en-hom... David's tribute at today's memorial service at the Complexe funéraire Côte-des-Neiges [/url]


Another reason I love living here:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/Montreal+park+named+activist+Madeleine+Pa... park to be named for activist Madeleine Parent[/url]