Small American border towns petitioning to join Canada

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Small American border towns petitioning to join Canada

It's not because of the health care, but...


Four tiny U.S. jurisdictions running along the Canadian border have joined forces to petition the government of Stephen Harper for support in their efforts to secede from the United States and join Canada.

Representatives from Point Roberts, Washington, Elm Point and The Northwest Angle, both in Minnesota, and Alburgh, Vermont, say they want to join British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, respectively.

"We don't have to be granted individual Canadian statehood [sic], or anything like that. Point Bob can join British Columbia and the others can find their natural homes in those other [provinces]," Point Roberts alderman Glennard Beck-Ramirez said.

The four are not directly connected to their respective states by land, and can only be reached by other Americans by boat, air or travelling by road through Canada. Their total land mass of is 417 square km., with a total of 3,422 people.

I say let 'em in!

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Poisson d'Avril, n'est ce pas?


"What we like is that your country seems to have something for everybody. For me, personally, and for a lot of the folks in Point Bob, Canada is now overseen by the sort of people I like to meet in my local businesses and churches, and I've been assured that they are moving in the right direction, in both senses of the word."


Argh! So essentially some of these people want to come here because they see the Cons as taking Canada is the "right direction" which, for this guy is business first and more God. Didn't we learn from what happened to Alberta? The right turn there was influenced massively by the influx of Americans. Still is.