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The Stock Market

The bears make a little.

The bulls make a little.

The pigs make nothing. 


To all the naysayers out there who think investing in the stock market is not a good idea, look at this chart and think again.

The TSE Composite Index is close to the highest it has ever been, and has risen quite consistently over the years.

And anyways your pension depends on how well the stock market performs.


But buyer beware!

Wolf of Wall Street dialogue may be fictional but boiler room fraud is real

Regulators trying to close string of suspected boiler rooms and FCA says victims of share fraud lose average of £20,000


Hidden camera investigation uncovers ‘atrocious’ investment advice

Hidden camera test examines financial advisers at top Canadian banks, firms



good to carry on discussions on called progressives haven`t a clue about finance and economics, rendering their policy (reformist) ideas irrelevant...imagine for example a green party supporting international capitalist finance with interest rates and leveraging rendering their ideas of steady growth totally moronic!


As for the stock market...we are now into the last moments of a historic stock market, corporate debt and real estate price bubble....

if you still invest in this you are nuts!

The system is unwinding....the emerging markets are collapsing, and now with the Chinese finance bubble breaking, we are witnissing the weakning of the yuan and the collapse of the 500 billion yuan carry trade


Now that's incentive!

Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank

In the first episode of the POLITICO Money podcast, Steven Mnuchin offered an 'absolute guarantee' that a tax overhaul would be signed into law by the end of the year.


Just saw David Burrows interviewed on BNN. Impressive!


Amazon, Microsoft, and Google: How Much Bigger Can They Get?


Me thinks the Canadian stock market has an eeyore complex.


TSX climbs to record high close of 15,953.51

Toronto Stock Exchange's benchmark index tops previous record set back in February

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Government, credit card, and mortgage debt continue to climb. The financial industry makes about half of the profits in the Canadian economy. The financial industry makes up the lion's share of market capitalization on the TSX. Record bank profits are going to result in record prices for bank shares. 


Statistics Canada. Table  378-0122

2014 3rd quarter total debt 6.194 trillion

2017 2rd quarter total debt 7.514 trillion

Canadian house holds, all levels of government, and business and financial business borrowed 1.3 trillion is over 3 years.

Consider in 1990 total debt level stood at 1.394 trillion, so 27 years canada borrowed around 6.1 trillion.  But it took since the dawn of measurement of debt we borrowed 1.4 trillon and 6.1 trillion next 27 years.  And I now beating government is rather a small fraction of the total.  

Fed debt 731 billion

All other levels of Government 920 billion 

so government debt represents 22% of debt outstanding.   No need for hysteria.  

Household debt 2017 2rd quarter total debt 2.077 ---  28 % of total debt

Lets travel back to 1990 how did the household was doing?

Around 350 billion was 25% of debt outstanding

All levels of goverment in 1990 456 billion was 33% of total outstanding debt.

All this debt is the base of the banking sector success in canada.  Debt lending is definitely a gowrth industry at this historic moment.



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I wasn't saying whether all this debt was a good thing or a bad thing, however with the loss of jobs in the extraction and manufacturing sectors it explains why the stock market in Canada is still going up. 

Last time I looked, corporate profit was about 14% of Canadian GDP, and financial services took half of that. 

As I mentioned elsewhere, it is now hard to say Canada is a resources- or manufacturing-based economy. It is a debt-based economy.


The U.S. Isn’t Prepared for the Next Recession

When it comes—and it will, eventually—it’ll be worse than necessary.


Its a debt based economy...and when the Central banks pull the plug, the financial bubble assets and their realestate will collapse...presently the banks again are restricting their bubble finance industry...will they manage to pull back before panic sets in?


How many hundreds or thousands of points has the stock market risen since your last forecast of doom and gloom?


Phenomenal - how long can this last?

TSX up 72

NASDAQ up 71

DOW up 160

S & P up 16


The "shorts" must be scratching their heads this year.

But in stock market investing, when everyone is going in one direction, it is often best to go the opposite way.


TSX up 36


Out of 42 top economists, only 1 believes the GOP tax bills would help the economy

But all of them think it will increase the debt.


Oil up again today $0.68 now $58.70

TSX up 26

Dow up  53

NASDAQ up 15

S & P up 3


Follow these stocks

AAPL  $175

AMZN $1,177

BABA $189

GOOG $1,040

MSFT $83



TECK.B  $29.90

This stock was selling at $5 a share not too long ago. Now it has announced a supplemental dividend and is buying back shares. What gives?

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Not sure again what the point of this thread is. If it is just noting stats from the stock market, I wonder why you don't have other equally mundane information like the exchange rate, balance of payments and other stuff that will make me regret opening a thread.


Maybe there should be a "dollar store market"?


The Dollar General CEO just accidentally made clear how screwed up the economy is

“The economy is continuing to create more of our core customer.”

Here’s a grim picture of the state of the American economy: The CEO of Dollar General explained to the Wall Street Journal why things are looking up for his company.

Dollar General, with about 14,000 stores across the country and a $22 billion market value, targets customers making $40,000 a year or less. They are expanding, CEO Todd Vasos told the Journal.


“The economy is continuing to create more of our core customer,” Vasos said.

This is how he described the typical Dollar General customer: “Doesn’t look at her pantry or her refrigerator and say, ‘You know, I’m going to be out of ketchup in the next few days. I’m going to order a few bottles. The core customer uses the last bit of ketchup at the table the night prior, and either on her way to work or on her way home picks up one bottle.”

So Dollar General's is another company whose stocks are soaring but is that necessarily good for most Americans?