American Democrats Will Know: Who The NDP Are & What Our History Is

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American Democrats Will Know: Who The NDP Are & What Our History Is

I have written a new article on American Democratic & Canadian NDP relations:

American Democrats Will Know: Who The NDP Are & What Our History Is


It highlights the changing American political context, Thomas Mulcair's intentions during his current trip to Washington, and the NDP's value to the American Democratic Party.


I am a virtual recluse, so if you find its content worthy...I hope you will share it with any other interested readers.



Dan Tan

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Thanks for typing out Mulcair's speech. Do you have the rest of it?

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I transcribed the relevant section myself.

My article includes a link to the source video. Thomas Mulcair's speech begins at around the "3:11:00" mark (the third hour, not minute).



Dan Tan

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There are lots of open threads on Mulcair and the NDP. Your self promotion is tacky.

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The title of this forum is "news by the rest of us".

And its description reads: "You post your original article; we comment!".


I have followed this guideline, posting my own article (which others have clearly appreciated).

The only "tacky" thing here is your response.


Get a life,

Dan Tan


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Fair enough I guess. Thanks for retyping Tom's words.

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kropotkin1951 =




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Nice picture.  Anything else you want to add to show how sophisticated you can be?  I need some letters transcribed are you up to it since that seems to be your forte.

You could have posted the actual picture. 

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To all,

I am new here.

My only other political "online experience" takes place at Greg Fingas' "Accidental Deliberations" forum. He has previously hosted my articles, for whatever that's worth.

Are the provocations & personal harassment - displayed above - standard conduct in this forum?

If so, I will spare myself and abandon this place.



This is a forum, a place to chat, I find it irritating when people simply link to something somewhere else but don't take the time to express their opinion, recluse or not. :)  I tend not to respond, I tend not to follow the link, I think if  the person posting it can't be bothered to say something why should I peruse?  I did follow your link, rah rah rah the NDP. 



Thanks, Dan Tan. We will just have to ignore those trying to derail your thread.

Today, we're the strongest voice standing up against cuts, and saying that it's a reflection of the best values of our country that we have a system where nobody - no Canadian family - is ever going to have to be forced to choose between having a sick child seen by a doctor - and being able to put groceries on the table.  

That's not the Canadian way...

This is essentially what senior CCPA economist Armine Yalnizyan has said recently about the Harper feds and their political impotence to do anything positive for the economy. Their jobs as hirelings of Bay Street and foreign based capitalist constituents is to shrink or make stagnant the Canadian economy and grow the debt. Public debt is considered premium debt, and the two old line parties are masters of inflating public debt owed to banksters and foreign creditors. 

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Hi Dan. Welcome to babble. I'm a moderator here. Thanks for dropping by with your thoughts, but babble isn't a platform for promoting your website or blog. It's a place, like ennir says, where we engage with each other in discussion on equal terms. I appreciate your point that the description of this forum is misleading for new users, and perhaps it needs revision. I suggest heading to one if the other Mulcair threads and joining the ongoing discussion there.

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