Syrians have the right to decide their own future

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Fared Gaderi
Syrians have the right to decide their own future

Link: Syrians must forge their own future

"The common perception of the Syrian situation in the United States is that Assad is a brutal dictator killing and cracking down on innocent protesters. However, just like the rest of the propaganda that the controlled media in the United States puts out against their enemies, we should all be skeptical. After all, those of us living in the United States should remember that this was the same media that told the world that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, resulting in a devastating war in Iraq. The lies went further than the media, though. The US State Department presented fraudulent evidence that Saddam had purchased yellow-cake from Niger, and that he had ties to Osama Bin Laden. Yet, here we are, years later having seemingly forgotten that the media and the government lied to justify a war in Iraq."

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Alexander S. wrote:
Whenever Israel launches an attack against the Palestinians, the American and British media demand that Israel be allowed to defend itself, even if the attack was unprovoked. By this logic, shouldn't Assad also have the right to protect his nation from armed and violent gangs?

Hillary Clinton admitted that terror groups linked to Al-Qaeda are supporting the opposition. And there is evidence for imperial governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and western friendly Turkey supporting those groups. The Yankees should decide who are the equivalent of the Northern Union in these dustups and accidently support those guys or a change.

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