Democracy brought to you b Kathleen Wynne Liberals

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Democracy brought to you b Kathleen Wynne Liberals


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Here’s how a ranked ballot would work: instead of selecting just one candidate for each elected office, voters would mark their top choice, but also their second, third and fourth preference, and so on. A winning candidate would need at least 50 per cent support.


This is just for municipal elections, right?


Manitoba used a preferential voting system for provincial elections from 1920 to 1958 - first just for Winnipeg, later for all ridings. There was also some sort of multiple member arrangement, but I'm not the expert (where's Wilf Day?).

What I do know is that this system helped allow William Kardash to serve in the provincial legislature for 17 years (1941-1958). Kardash was the Manitoba leader of the Communist Party of Canada (then dubbed the Labour Progressive Party). He lost only after the preferential ballot was abolished and some riding boundaries were redrawn.



Sean in Ottawa

This is not exactly the reform model that I would prefer. But I like any of them over the current sick joke we now live with.


Wasn't sure where to put this, searched several threads, but no offence whatsoever intended.

Condolences to the family, friends, and the LPO