Hey you toddlers, get off my parkette!

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Hey you toddlers, get off my parkette!


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[url=https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/07/24/toddler-sports-program-turfe... soccer league expelled from Toronto parkette for creating ""unsafe and noisy environment."[/url]


what do you expect?

privileged Liberal voters. lololol


From the story:

Crawford said city staff were “inundated” with complaints from neighbours.

If the neighbours truly pose a flooding hazard, wouldn't it make more sense to evict them?

Personally, I love toddlers playing, as long as it's not in my back yard.



i guess the neighbours think it's 'their park'.

fk 'em.

the neighbourhood should be picketed.

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If the "noise" in this noisy environment is the laughter of kids, folks around there must all be descended from the Grinch to take offense -- isn't that what parks are for, when they're not being used as latrines by people's dogs?  On the other hand, if it's the constant blowing of whistles and "Go Billy, run Billy, run Billy!!  Run the other way Billy!!!" I suppose that could get tiresome.

I'd like to know what the "unsafe" part is, though.  The possibility that the toddlers might stampede if spooked?