Honest Ed's For Sale

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Honest Ed's For Sale

Shocked Customers and Staff at Honest Ed's Faced with Sale of Store Where Nothing Ever Changes


"...Mirvish family has put Honest Ed's up for sale...

'Can we sign a petition so we can save it...?"


Lets buy it.

But assuming the store's building ownership is included, not much hope.

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That's so sad.  Such a great landmark! Frown


bought my first skateboard there, and some awful shoes ...

aka Mycroft

Mirvish Village is on the chopping block too.

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Gah. So sad. A longtime friend lived around the corner from Ed's for years. Such great puns! The neighbourhood has been changing for years of course, but I shudder to think of what will take its place.


Hmm *peering into crystal ball* I see condo with Walmart/Target/Nordstroms  on bottom


From Adam Vaughan:


"....This move, the most powerful planning control available to the city, is aimed at stopping certain types of development applications from Queen Street to Dupont Street while the Bathurst Street study is underway.

The move is not aimed specifically at any particular property, nor will it necessarily apply to any active application currently in hand at the city. The motion can be viewed online here:


Bathurst Street-Interim Control By-Law  -  Final Report by Councillor Mike Layton, seconded by Councillor Adam Vaughan

"City Council adopted this item on July 16, 2013 without amendments."


In addition to this move at City Council, Councillor Layton and I have been working with City staff to bring forward a proposal to hold a community consultation explicitly focused on the intersection of Bathurst and Bloor. Recent news coverage of the future of Honest Ed's makes this decision to focus City Planning's attention on these four corners critically important.

Details of the meeting will be announced shortly