Ontario Election 2018

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Ontario Election 2018

I'm hearing talk of a possible fall election. Anyone else heard such rumours?


I hope I get the oppertunity to vote for Kathleen Wynne.

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Paladin1 wrote:

I hope I get the oppertunity to vote for Kathleen Wynne.

That depends on whether you live in her riding or not.


Three-day caucus retreat began Tuesday in Chatham-Kent



Andrea Horwath slams Kathleen Wynne for not calling a Toronto Centre byelection

When Liberal MPP Glen Murray rides off into the sunset on Sept. 1, residents of Toronto Centre will go without a representative at Queen’s Park for more than nine months.



Just what Canada needs NOT
Another Mulroney
Haven't Canadian citizens already had enough pain from this family!



Wouldn't that be something!

Are circumstances ripe for another NDP government?



Will the Liberal Ontario government lose money with their approach to selling pot?

B.C. may not follow Ontario’s pot distribution system: Premier Horgan


Speaking on CKNW’s The Jon McComb Show on Monday, Horgan says Ontario’s approach is just one way to go.

“There’s also, I think…the dispensaries have proven to be an effective way to attracting attention. There’s also pharmacies as well for those who are focused explicitly on medicinal marijuana. I think there’s a range of options. We’re going to look at all of them. My sense…at the start of this discussion is that any one of those individually or together is going to be an appropriate response.”


Horgan says the key is to kill the black market.

“You’ve heard people say this is a great windfall of tax revenue. It’s not been the case in Washington and Oregon. If you set the price too high, then the black market continues to exist and the regulation won’t matter. It’s a plant after all. People are growing plants in their basement right now or in their backyard.”


Sean in Ottawa

The Conservatives understand that they a weakness in the coming election. Many people work on minimum wage and believe it should increase. These voters may not trust Brown on this. This is the reason he has vowed not to roll it back. The question is do people believe this given what he has said in the past about how bad it is. Even if people believe him, some will see the Liberals on their side for having increased this wage. If a big chunk of money can convince a significant number of borderline voters to come out and reward the Liberals then this could help them.

I think there is a genuine fear of the Conservatives. But more to the point, many low wage workers have said all the parties are the same and in this that has proven untrue.

The performance of the NDP is a question but it is not necessarily good for the Conservatives. People upset at the Liberals have another choice than to go Conservative. The NDP may not split the vote that allows the Conservatives to win but rather be the choice that prevents enough votes going over to the PCs that would allow them to win. The Liberals on a lot of policies in Ontario have done things the NDP would support. I think it is very clear that there would be enough common ground for either the NDP or Liberals to govern with a minority so the PCs need a majority to win.

I am not saying that there is  no chance that the PCs could get a majority in the next election -- that looks like the most likely possibility. But you should not count out either the NDP or Liberals. Either with a good campaign could beat the other and the pair could produce enough for their total to govern.

The Liberals have sent the message that the parties are different and voting matters. If the voting rate goes up among those who oppose the Conservatives, you could see a ballot day surprise even if the Conservatives lead official polls at the end of the election.



I would make the minimum wage a central issue at this point.  The Liberals should roll out a campaign soon attack Brown for his stand on the issue.  I think this a perfect issue tar Brown, if he says yes to MW then it hurts his business support, if he says no then he can tar by someone that will take away a wage increase.   Now is the time to create some mischief for the cons, yes or no it hurts the cons.  Whatever you may I think of the Libs they IMHO has best strategists in the business.  What is its 3 or 4 governments in their hip pocket, I think they will pull this off again.

I think in Ont 7 to 11 percent (thats a big gap but even you use the 7% its I believe worst in the provinces).  I read the study that if the MW goes as is planned then 21% will be earning the MW.  I will see if the can find the link.