Roncesvalles Expressway

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Roncesvalles Expressway

I used to live in Toronto aound Queen & Roncesvalles. In my day, you would have to be nuts to use Ronces to get from Queen up to Bloor if you were driving. The street would be jam-packed with cars, streetcars, bikes, pedestrians, etc. Indeed, when I lived there, I didn't even have a car as I would walk, bike, or take the transit like most city folk do.

Now I live outside Toronto in a small town, and I bought a small 4-cylinder car which is very good on gasoline. When all is said and done, it is cheaper for me to drive to Montreal to see my ailing father than to use any other form of transportation. (about $65 return).

Oh, and I am not a life-hating suburban hater. I love life, and I won't hate you unless you hate me first.

I had reason to visit a medical specialist at the bottom of Ronces, and I got my car down there and found a legitimate parking space. After my appointment I supposed I had to get onto the 401 somehow to get home, and knew I had to start vaguely heading North.

Unbelievably, I made it up to Bloor in a few minutes. Ronces was dead. What happened to it? There were some streetcars and that was about it. There were no cars parked on either side, no bikes, and no people!

Why did Toronto turn Ronces into an expressway? Looking at the map, Parkside/Keele and the South Kingsway/Jane work pretty well for that purpose. There was no incentive for me to turn off of Ronces.  I wonder how the businesses on Ronces are surviving.

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