Toronto Sun urges city to strip Pride of funding

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Toronto Sun urges city to strip Pride of funding


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We all knew this was coming, but it's disappointing to see it become real.

Kristyn Wong-Tam, this is your time. Time to stand and be counted.

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Should be in the LGTBQ forum but anyway... Sickened me.


Gratuitous potshots and more.  InflammaTORY rhetoric for sure.  Wake up folks.  Quite disheartening that it passes as journalism.  And another CON ad runs on my TV. 




Rob Ford is saying that "taxpayers dollars should not be used to fund hate speech"

Then why the fuck is he collecting a salary?

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I am afraid I disagree with your observation that this thread "[s]hould be in tjhe LGBTQ forum but anyway...".

I am not trying to be contrary just for the hell of it (not in this instance anyway), but I have just spent a reasonable amount of time composing a post in a rabble reactions thread our new moderator opened (One Thread, Multiple Issues), and I hope you don't mind if I use my response here to continue my little ramble about placement of threads.

Unlike Doug's Community Relations panel for Toronto Pride reports, (which is almost the archetype of a thread that should be in the LGBT forum), the story edmundoconner linked to above calls out for a much broader response - it is a story that is necessarily about the media, municipal government, manipulation of the process by special interests groups (yeah, I know that is reactionary-speak, but it is just so damn apt - and that it applies to the pro-Israel lobby rather than the LGBT communities in this instance means I am not going to resist the impulse to use it) and the current Con tactic of using funding (or the denial thereof) as a weapon against groups who don't toe the line it calls out for a general/allied response.

Rather than running the risk of ghettoizing this attack by the Sun, Ford and the Cons on the LGBT community by suggesting it should be properly discussed in the more narrowly focused forum, this thread is crying out for suggestions on how to combat the use of threats to funding as a means of control - whether it be Pride or Kairos that is under attack, the real issue here is the tactic being used to divide and destroy.



Yeah, gotta agree with bagkitty's meta-comment. This story is about the dirty alliance between the right and the Israel lobby against everything good and progressive, against everyone who is marginalized or disenfranchised. Pride narrowly dodged a bullet last year when it took the right stand on QuAIA, but no one thought the story ended there. I don't know how to stand together and say, "Stuff your filthy money where the sun don't shine - we will not be blackmailed!" All I know is that it has to be done.



And the thread that ties all these issues together is the rampant pro-israel pro-occupation mindset that seems to be the core of all these issues.  If this isn't all the proof we need that canada is now the most pro-israel and anti palestinian western country in existence i don't know what is.

first country formally opposing democracy in palestine.  denying funds for groups that have even a remote connection to anything that is perceived by israeli radicals as anti occupation or pro peace, defending war crimes, increasing cooperation with an extremist israeli government, defending them at all costs, trying to classify criticism as anti semetic, rejecting/blocking democracy in other countries in the region, etc.

Thank god we don't have the influence/power the US has!


I suspect Pride funding will be chopped along with a lot of other public festivals (and public services!) in the budget next year, which is looking in a dire state. That's going to be harder to fight in some ways than if it's all about QUAIA.

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Hmmmm, would Shurman's bill mean no public money (including security costs) the next time the Bishop of Rome appears? I kinda like the sound of that.Laughing


[url= Shurman's bill would penalize groups supporting "hate speech"[/url]


Under Shurman's bill, he says, universities that host an event with hate speech could be forced to return all the money they get from the province and pay a steep fine.

Could someone please contact Cheri DiNovo (on her Facebook page maybe) and ask her whether she will be passionately supporting this latest fascist attack on pro-Palestinian activists by Peter Shurman, as she did the last one?