Anyone been to Iceland?

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radiorahim radiorahim's picture
Anyone been to Iceland?

Noticing that Iceland Air is starting up direct flights to Toronto with some really good airfares...although I understand Iceland can be very expensive "on the ground" once you get there.

Any babblers been to Iceland?   Any advice?

conrad yablonski

I know someone who volunteered there for a while.

Quite easy to get around and not as pricy as you might think.

She brought back some great Dairy and Fish products that I still remember this was about 10 years ago.

She also said that while arranging transportation seems to be shaky things will always come together @ the last moment, something to do with the famous Icelander individuality as reflected in that Nobel Prize winning novel [url=]Independent People by Halldór Laxness[/url]

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Holy cow! Iceland eh? Might be worth checking out.


Surely, radiorahim, this is a reason for you to visit Iceland:

[url=]Wikileaks and Iceland MPs propose "journalism haven"[/url]