Snow removal should be a priority in all Canadian cities

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Please spare me the semantics. You know what I meant. And yes,even Notre Dame St. is a mess. You take the bus and they drop you off on a snow bank.

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The one and only thing I was forbidden to do after surgery is shovel snow.  Apparently it's a killer for men and women who are older and/or have known or unknown heart issues.  I was fine with it, and for the most part this winter it hasn't been a problem anyway -- we haven't had that much snow, and what we've had hasn't really stuck around.

I, too, sometimes look out in the morning after a snowfall to discover the sidewalk in front of my house cleared.  I suspect that someone in the neighbourhood has a snowblower and just does the block, either for fun or as voluntary penance for the sound pollution.  Personally, I think that's a totally fair trade.


I presume that Ms Magoo can shovel snow?

Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo's picture

Oh, sure, if needs be.


Winter has finally arrived in force in Montréal. Been snowing heavily all day, and it's supposed to continue until Thursday. Paired with some unusually cold temperatures for snowy weather, too (when I woke up this morning, the wind chill was -21).


Fortunately, I'm working at home and didn't have to set foot outside. I have cat food, loo roll, coffee and a modicum of wine. But even when I have to work elsewhere in this filthy weather, I live a couple of minutes from the nearest bus stop, and less from ten to the closest métro station.

That said, I utterly loathe winter.