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Pogo wrote:

I don't know a more common story than a news source publishing a scoop that a politician is going to retire, often wrecking their personal timeline for releasing the news. 

You're right, of course. I didn't mean to suggest it was uncommon. I just meant it was disrespectful.

Amir will be talking to the media this morning. Not sure I can bear to hear that he's leaving. But life goes on.


Amir won't seek a 4th term:

"A New Chapter Begins"

He's leaving the National Assembly, but will continue his involvement in politics of all kinds and with QS. He's leaving the party with strong successors, and he predicts they'll do well in the next election - including in ridings where the polls don't give them a shot. And he's donating his entire MNA severance package to community and social groups, primarily in his riding of Mercier.

Bon voyage Amir, and success in all your ventures!


Merci, Amir! http://www.merciamir.com/ I knew Amir even before the founding of the UFP in 2002...  and have met many members of the Khadir-Machouf clan.

With stereotypes about the Plateau, and a lot of actual real-estate speculation, people forget how much poverty there still is there and the area's long history of community and social associations. I'm very happy that Dr Khadir was willing and able to donate his package, but it shouldn't be viewed as a (moral) requirement. Thinking for example of Manon who has always worked for community groups and who is actually earning more as an MNA.

You can leave greetings and messages at Merci Amir. In case there are any trolls, I'm sure his staff is reading them first and discarding anything nasty.


Ruba Ghazal in Mercier: https://quebecsolidaire.net/nouvelle/ruba-ghazal-candidate-a-linvestitur...


I haven't found anything in English yet. Nothing at either the Gazoo or CBC.


Anglo-suprematist! ROLFOL French suprematists are so much better. 


No supremacist is good and nobody here is claiming that they are. But the reference was to certain actual anglo-supremacist currents, such the unlamented Equality party. Nobody here is supporting la Meute.



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Pondering wrote:

Anglo-suprematist! ROLFOL French suprematists are so much better. 

Where did you get the idea that anybody on BABBLE would be backing any sort of supremacists?  



Nothing on the Gazette or CBC, but especially when the candidate is an unknown I don't know why any news outlet would have an obligation to report on someone running for a nomination. I'm sure there are hundreds of people running for a nomination for the Liberals, PQ, CAQ and QS who haven't been reported on.

Also say what you will about "the Gazoo" I didn't see Le Devoir breaking the story that the second most prolific Neo Nazi organizer in North America lives in Montreal in anonymity.

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I have to admit that story in the Gazette about the Nazi turd in Montreal was quite gripping. 


Unionist wrote:

What are you both talking about (anglo-supremacist)??? Did something get edited out of a post before I saw it? Or should I leave well enough alone?

I was referring to post 49 which was gossiping about Pietro. I found the "anglo-supremacists" reference too funny to ignore.

Ken Burch wrote:
Could be that he thinks QS losing all its seats to the PQ would force QS supporters to "know their place" and vote for NPD-Q, and for NPD-Q to therefore feel free to be as Anglo-supremacist as he'd like them to be(and to speak as much French as Dave Barrett).

hardy har har




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..this article is in french from apr of this year. i'm using chromium browser to translate it.

Québec solidaire: Making the fight against climate change a priority of the electoral campaign

Every day brings a lot of bad news: Quebec is seriously behind in its GHG reduction target and the new agency set up by the Liberal government, Transition énergétique Québec, is not going anywhere. Despite announcements of major projects in public transportation, the inconsistency of the Couillard government, which persists in encouraging the hydrocarbon sector, particularly that of natural gas, is turning a blind eye. All of this is happening as the IPCC and international experts sound the alarm: current state commitments make it extremely unlikely that the goals of the Paris agreement will be met, and the current trajectory of CO2 emissions will have catastrophic effects on climate change. planet.

To be discussed at the May National Council

More than ever, the importance of advancing an energy transition plan is imperative and Québec solidaire must make it one of the top priorities of its election campaign in 2018. QS is well equipped to formulate a transition plan since many milestones have been placed over the years: the oil exit plan released in 2014; the update of the program section "For a solidarity, ecological and democratic economy" in 2016; and the adoption of the electoral platform in 2017 with a well-developed section on the environment.

In addition, party spokespersons and members of parliament regularly intervene on environmental issues and many activists are actively involved in the many ecological mobilizations that are taking place everywhere in Quebec.

All elements are thus brought together for Québec solidaire to formulate an ecological transition plan. The national council scheduled for May 11 to 13 may provide the ideal ramp to launch the key elements of this plan and decide on the importance to be given to it in an election campaign.


For a just and transformative transition

What are the essential elements of the just, green and democratic transition as envisioned by Québec solidaire? :

- a GHG reduction program to achieve the 95% target in 2050 with ambitious intermediate targets, 
- the development of electrified public transport at both urban and suburban levels, and energy efficiency programs at the residential level as commercial and industrial, 
- the development of a public utility for the production and distribution of renewable energies in Quebec (Hydro-Québec, Éole-Québec, etc.). Energy sources are a common good that must be under democratic and public control. 
- the creation of quality green jobs in all regions and free training programs for workers affected by the gradual removal of fossil fuels, 
- the mobilization of workers, local communities through participatory democracy mechanisms, 
- respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and their full consent to projects affecting their territory. 
- measures of international solidarity with people in developing countries and those hard hit by climate change

As we see, a genuine energy transition can not be limited to a series of technical measures within the current system. This approach takes us straight back into the current cul de sac. Transition must be conceived as a profound social transformation in terms of production, consumption, lifestyle and international relations. In short, to the neoliberal vision we must oppose a fair, democratic and united vision leading to the overcoming of the current system.